In the last day, I have called up a landlord, set up a meeting and decided to move in. Saturday. As in two days from now. Three hours away from home. With ZERO furniture other than a blue upholstered chair I got from the Teej a few years ago.

Needless to say - my life is a packing disaster right now! Fortunately, I am getting a few pieces of furniture from my grandparents' old house, my aunt is giving me her kitchen table and my parents are taking care of me. Plus I have a bunch of storage stuff that my sister had from her dorm room. Hot pink is not my color. But it will do for now!

Tomorrow I am spending my last night in the 757 doing one of my favorite things ever - going to a country concert (AHHH LUKE BRYAN and Jason Aldean) with some of my girlfriends before getting up Saturday and hitting the road.

Plus, I start working Monday.

And Stuart's birthday party is a week from Saturday. With all of his friends coming in town. And his parents. And I have yet to even come close to finishing his present.

And then I work Labor day, and will then drive to Bburg and back in an evening to watch HOKIE FOOTBALLLL! And then I will probably die at work.

Number one thing on my list to buy for my apartment. WINE WINE WINE...COFFEE MAKER. 

Also, it is adorbs y'all. A little one bedroom in a 160 year old house. I have a fire place in my living room and my bedroom. And my landlord is a Hokie and his wife is a hoot and too precious.

Can't wait to tell ya all about it. And post some pictures!!

Things are nuts y'all. Bear with me, please?

Big shout out to SomeECards for giving this post some .jpg love.


Jen Grantham said...

Sounds like everything is falling perfectly into place! What did you end up with that's hot pink? If it's furniture, there's nothing a little paint can't fix. PS: Jason Aldean puts on a great concert. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pics.

Claire said...

Ah I wish I was going to that concert!!!! I will swim across the water and walk there if I have to! Have So much fun! And it's all cray cray right now but I am so excited for you!!!! Even though I will miss you terribly in the 757!

Charlotte said...

So.much.stinkin.fun! So happy things have come together-- told you they would! You are going to just love it, I know it! Please keep filling me in and take pics of the new place asap! xoxoo

Ashley said...

I am seriously SO excited for you!! I can't wait to see pictures from your new apartment! Where are you going to be!? I think I am even more jealous that you get to go to the game on labor day -- SOOOOOOO lucky!

Hope all of the moving went well!


Charlotte said...

SUPRISE friiiiend! Gave you an award!!