Instagram Update

With five minutes to breathe (with internet - no thanks to dumb Comcast, but lots of thanks to Stuart's apartment), I figured a little picture update would do the blog good :)

Luke and Jason were awesome. I jumped to Enter Sandman. Yes, it was that awesome :).

Found a couch! In Costco no less. It has a really neat pull out and storage under the part I am sitting on. Thank God for Instagram not really hiding my no makeup face.

My fav Mexican restaurant from home has a branch out in the town between Stuart and I. He took me for lunch Sunday! PTL they do white sauce right.

First meal in the new apartment. Pizza, Diet Coke, Friends on DVD and Stuart. Ahhhh, adult life.

First day outfit - complete with new leopard heels that gave me the blisters from Hades. Stuart is popping my blisters now, true love, that boy.

And with a bang - I am off to bed to get up and trek over the mountain to work before I go yell at Comcast. A girl needs her Pinterest and TLC for after work relaxation.


Mrs. Howard said...

Ooh that couch looks super comfy!! Yay for adult life! Couches are a big step...

Claire said...

I hope your are watching ample amounts of Friends to break in that new apt! Way to make me crave Plaza at 10:30 in the morning! We are headed there sometime this week "PTL" heehee! Miss you in the 757!

Louise said...

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