Boots without the Fur

Well y'all. I did it. I actually completed all of the requirements for my second undergrad degree. Woohoooo! Yesterday was my last day at my field study. Oh my goodness how weird is that? Now if a job, and a grad school acceptance will come - I can start doing things :)

So does that mean today is my first day of unemployment? Lets not think about that.

With the looming employment waiting for me (fingerscrossedlotsofprayerspleasehireme), I have found some adorable outfits that I need. Cause the clothes bring the job - right? Too bad they don't come free!

Since I (hopefully) will be working with college students - I will have days where I will need to be dressed in suits and such, and days where I can be a little more business casual. 

All of these are via pinterest - DUHHHHH!

 This would be perf with some tights and heeled brown boots. I also might wear it to a UVA game this fall since we have season tickets. Don't tell my parents. They would call me a traitor. This is actually Quicksilver. Who knew they made adorable preppy stuff like this?!? Via 

Apparently I am loving some striped dresses. This one is from J.Crew and I think this would be an adorable casual day in the office outfit! via

Throw on a structured jacket and this would be great for a meet and great with potential students - love! via

Y'all know how much I love my jean jacket - but I would likely leave it off of this outfit for a more office appropriate look. It seems like dresses and boots are my fav fall looks ;) via

LOVE THIS! Oh my goodness - so classic! It would look great with colored jewelry/cardigan. So White House Black Market - and so me. Ahhh. via

Another home run. I love winter white with darker fall colors. And the belt cinches perfectly! Ahhhh. via

I think it is safe to say a few things about my hopes and dreams for a job. I hope the job is in the fall at all times. I hope boots are work appropriate. And I hope it pays a lot so I can afford all of these clothes. Anyone wanna hire me? ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Charlotte said...

I would fully support all of these outfits! Crossing my fingers for good news today. Let me know if you hear!

Ashley said...

Congrats on finally being done! It's a great feeling, isn't it!? LOVE all of your outfit choices, obviously. I hope you hear some good news soon :) Fingers crossed!