I Don't Camp

Y'all, these past few days have been a doozy. A doozy I tell ya. 

Thursday started off great - a little Starbucks and a good chat with my bff/roomie and then we headed to Kings Dominion for the day with her younger brother and his girlfriend to celebrate her 23rd birthday! We stopped to grab lunch from Arby's, which I was a bit apprehensive about but I ended up getting a turkey avocado sandwich that was delish. We spent the day riding rides, seeing shows and were there for the main event - to see her favorite band, Need to Breathe. The temps cooled off, there were fireworks. All good things y'all. We decided the fireworks were for Coley's birthday. Via instagram (as are all of these because I am far too lazy to get my phone cord).

Friday we hung around in the morning, made more coffee and chatted and then I finally got to see Nicole's wedding venue! So gorgeous - it is going to be perfect. Because her boyfriend is the manager at a pool, we threw our suits on and headed up there for a few hours before our trip down to the beach later that night. 

After hitting up Sweet Frogs and a wine tasting at Krogs, we showered, waited for the boys and hit the road! We picked up our race packets and ate dinner at an outdoor restaurant in Deltaville (holla for my Delta girls!) before heading back to the bay house for the night! 

Apparently we stayed on the moon? I know temperature screen shots are getting old but I couldn't resist this one because it had the picture of the moon and said our location was Moon!

A fierce storm hit most of the east coast and we were hit too. Power went out at midnight and boy did we sweat through the night. Because of the power outage, the gates for the drawbridge on the island got stuck and we were 20 minutes late to the race! Fortunately, they still let us run it, although they were pulling up the cones before we got there. Nicole ended up twisting her ankle because we were running in the grass and lets just say things didn't go as planned.

Saturday afternoon we spend on the sand and in the water trying to keep cool! We took the jetski out and thats when my evening took a turn. I sprained my ankle getting off! It immediately swole up and I have a nasty bruise and a goose egg for an ankle. I was still better off than Coley's poor momma who broke her arm Saturday night and sat with it broken in 3 hours of traffic. I have no idea how she did it!

We spent Saturday night on the deck watching the lightening and drinking a few beers. Nicole and I may have danced in the rain in an effort to keep cool. Lets just say after running, spending the day on the beach, and sweating... a little rain was a welcome relief. Did I mention that when the power went out we lost water too because it is well water? NO BUENO. Y'all... it was bad. I may have pooped in a bag. I DIE.

Sunday was spent on the beach some more, me with my leg propped up. We got the house clean and S and I hit the road because he was driving me home and then we had a friend drive us to his car since I sprained my right ankle and couldn't drive! Finally, mercy rained down on me as I showered at 6pm last night. That's right... 48 hours of no hair washing, armpit shaving, or body scrubbing. I could have stayed in there all night. I have never been happier or more tired. And the AC, lawd y'all the AC. I could have kissed the vents. 

Needless to say, it was an adventure of a weekend and one I will never forget! 

On a much more serious note, a girl I grew up with lost her baby to SIDS on Saturday and my heart is just breaking for her. Send some prayers and positive energy her way y'all, I know she needs it. Her name is Erin and her son's name is Brock. Little Brock was absolutely adorable and I know that momma loved him with all of her heart. Goodness. 

Y'all have a great Monday!


Ashley said...

Oh my God, I would die if I had to go camping. And go potty in a bag? NO THANK YOU! Oye, thank goodness you survived! I have been thinking about all my VA friends throughout the last few days without power and all those awful storms! Y'all are welcome to come to NY anytime and use my AC!

Stephen said...

The storms actually made the news over here... Although not the details about what happens when ALL the power goes out. Oh my...

Terrible news about your friend's little boy. Just gutting. I hope that, from somewhere, some comfort can come to her. Terrible thing.

Claire said...

I am judging you