Rainy Days Are the Best Days

Especially when it is 54527387 degrees outside and you're going to want to say inside anyways :)

It has been pouring on and off here all week and I am not going to lie - I am loving it. I love sitting at work hearing the rain pour on the roof. It makes for a much more mellow day.

Rainy day fun for me includes:

Drinking delicious fall inspired tea (which I am doing now. July schmly).

Curling up with a good book or Netflix

Adorable wellies like these from Kate Spade

Oversized sweaters and leggings (my fall/winter/rain FAVS!)

(Not me, obvi. And I would be wearing Uggs because they are the coziest and the ugliest).

NAPSSSS! Nothing better than a rainy day nap. Too bad they don't let me do that at work.

Happy Wednesday party people!


Cori H. said...

It's been raining here all week too. I feel so unproductive when it rains because it only wants to make me be lazy and sleep. If only we could do that at work, right? Hope you're having a great week!

Ashley said...

It hasn't rained in forevs here! But I have loved making my pumpkin spice k-cups (that I've hoarded since March when they left the stores) and snuggling in my big comfy chair to watch a movie on a lazy Sunday morning! I wish I could just get paid for napping and watching netflix all day. I'd be a millionaire!