Lookin Good for 236!

America, that is. We celebrated it right I'd say. Although a little boat time wouldn't have hurt ;)

Tuesday night, I kicked off the biggest birthday party watching America's pastime. Annndd the Pilots won, making the fireworks that more sweet :)

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning my room (woooo) and then headed to Suffolk with Hev for some 4th BBQing with her fam jam. I have spent every 4th with them (with the exception of last year) and it was delicious as always! We drank a few beers, at ribs and hamburgers and watermelon and played Farkle. I would expect nothing less from the Kane clan!

 Hev and I

Her dad and I playing with the camera. So attractive!

We finally headed back to our side of the water and had a nice driving tour of the fireworks. I guess that is one of the advantages to having to take a bridge everywhere... there is water everywhere for fireworks to be set of into!

We decided to stop by Kylee and Patrick's house for their 4th soiree and it was a ton of fun to say the least :). There was some beer bobbing, flip cup, clothes changing, laughing and lots of sweating!
757 BFFs! 

Ky and I :)

We ended the evening back at Hev's just chatting - a perfect ending to the evening! Hope y'all have a great Thursday :)

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Sarah said...

Looks like you celebrated America riiiight! I love your outfit!! I'm thinking of rocking the jorts and boots today!