Friday Letters

We made it! It's Friday! Which makes it the perfect time to link up with beautiful Ashley for Friday Letters. Seriously, random thoughts for things/people/places and putting them into an organized list... Ashley, you are my hero :).

Dear delicious Better Than S*x Cookies
Your name could not be more accurate. However, you are not allowed in my house anymore because I cannot focus on anything else. They are not a good breakfast either. Walk out the door before you become permanently on my hips. 
Love, Cookie Monster

Dear Stuart,
I hope we are this fun when we are old and have no teeth. Thanks for a low key night - it was perfect. You know the way to my heart... Mellow and shopping :) Kisses, Me

Dear Bank Account,
Please have more money so I can shop more. Just take it from some millionaire that won't notice. XOXO, Shopaholic and Sad

Dear New Boyf,
Stop looking so scared. You know you want to be with me forever. Don't mind my hand up your rear. That's protocol. Hugs! Your Vanilla

Dear Ankle,
HEAL! Seriously though, I feel sluggish and really unprepared since I haven't been able to run in two weeks. This marathon will not happen unless everyone is a team player... INCLUDING YOU. If I don't hear good news Tuesday I may cut you off to spite you and get one of those new titanium ones that won't hurt when I bend it. OVER YOU. No love, The rest of Megan

Dear Claire,
You're welcome - Fall will always be the best. Love, Sweaters and Boots Forever

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