I love Jack.

Jack Rogers... on Gilt.com today for cheap! And Crystal is giving some away as well (go check it out as long as you enter for me... ;) ). Oh how I love Jack Rogers. I am even wearing my Black ones today :)

I also love Jack Black. Especially with a few of his Tenacious D songs. I won't tell you which one because you will think less of me. But it does have a line that says "I'm not gonna cook it but I'll order it from Zanzibarrrrrr" in it. And I love him in the Holiday. Ahhh, how presh he is with Kate Winslet.

Jean JACKets. Especially this adorable one from my one true love, J. Crew. And lets be real. My other true love is the jean jacket. I have had the same one since freshman year of high school. It is going on 10 years around here people. So flyyyy.

Mine, in fact. Has seen me through several trips, years and pounds, as seen here:

High school graduation party chugging out of a baby bottle. Don't ask.

Summer after Freshman year of college in Knoxville for a wedding with Hev (not pictured, obvi). Man those Freshman 15 look good on my chin. And the greasy bangs look good on my forehead. Hoootttt!

Feeding babies the same year. I probably should have focused more on feeding the baby and less on feeding myself at this point.

Hilton Head with sorority sisters my Junior year. Delta Delta Delta til I die y'all.

Scotland (and London) with the English dept. summer after Junior year.

The Blacksburg bar scene. Loving the hat accessory with this one.

Atlanta with my BFF's last summer.

And finally friends - my favorite Jack saying... in that you don't know Jack ;)


Arielle said...

haha cute post! I love Jack R's too! :)

Sarah said...

Cute!! I lovvvvve love love my jean jacket. I wear mine a lot, too!! I love the look of it with shorts, pants or a dress.

Sonja said...

haha this post has me cracking up. I love the jean JACKets. haha

I love me some Jack Rogers too! I was so excited when I opened Gilt yesterday!

Ashley said...

You're adorable. Jack Black is myfave. Our FedEx man at work looks EXACTLY like him and sometimes I tell him that, and he doesn't seem too thrilled. I have a feeling that I'm not the first person to mention it to him...

Gilt had no jacks left in my size when I got on the site yesterday. What a tragedy!

Stephen said...

Ah, the ol‘ Canadian tuxedo...

Agree with you about Jack Black & Kate Winslet in The Holiday. The movie really needed more of that storyline and less Cameron Diaz, I think.