Saturday Morning Snuggles :)

If someone would deliver me coffee to my bed, it would be the perfect situation :). Hairspray is on, which I love but haven't seen in forever, and I am curled up under my covers with sun streaming in... ahhh!

I figured a little random post was in order... a little recap, some thoughts - that kind of thing :) Perfect for a hodge podge Saturday AM. 

Thursday night we went and saw Ted, and missed the movie time, of course so Hev and I spent some time in the photobooth, 90's style :)
No, my finger is not actualllyyy in my nose. But it was a good time kill while the boys decided to play the incredibly overpriced video games in the theater. Ted was hilarious - although it is rated R for a reason!

Friday I went to work for the first time in a week and a half and left at 1pm to try and beat traffic since my ankle is still pretty sore... FAIL!

Stuart finally got home for the weekend around 7:30 and we went to our FAVORITE restaurant in the world because I got a great deal on Restaurants.com :) It was much needed and perfect date! Sometimes just having dinner together can lift my spirits. We ended up just heading back to his parent's house and talking with them. And taking some random pictures. Stuart just grabbed my phone and started clicking. See the giggles? Haha. I make myself vom sometimes too y'all... sorry ;).

Annnddd in other news... one of my favorite bloggers/friends has some big news over at her casa From Carolina Cotton to Illinois Corn. So happy again for you again Charlotte!!

It's time to throw on my suit and head over to Hev's so we can go out on the boat, only my favorite place to be EVER!

Happy Saturday!!

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Stephen said...

Thanks for the heads up on Ted - I have some movie passes I need to use up and this seems like just the ticket!

Hope it‘s a fun saturday!