As Miscellaneous As Every Other Monday

Happy Monday Party People (Michelle Tanner anyone?)

Hope you all had the weekend you wanted (whether that be exciting or relaxing or stuffed to the brim with delicious food!)

I'm linking up with the beautiful Carissa for Miscellany Monday, because without caffeine this morning, randomness is all I can handle :)

  • Is it odd that it FINALLY feels like summer halfway through? This weekend was my perfect summer weekend and I loved it. Although I am fun-hungover this morning!
 Ahhhh, a chance to go out on the boat! Seriously - even though it was 100+ degrees, it was such a joy to be out on the water :) Love my bff and her dad, they are the best for taking me out there! It has been a summer tradition for many years now.

After nursing an awful jellyfish sting (welts y'all. I still have welts from this jelly fish), we got cleaned up and Stuart and Corey picked us up for some delicious pizza and a "goblet" of wine. It was the perfect medicine for the jellyfish sting ;). 

 Yesterday was spent in VB at Stuart's cousin Andrea's softball game. It was SO DANG HOT! But, I did manage to work a snow cone into the mix and it was just what the doctor ordered!

  • I went with my mother and my aunt to see Magic Mike last night. I thought we were going to see the new Madea movie. Buuuttt, my MOTHER chose Magic Mike. And then during one of the scenes, asked me what a particular "instrument" was. I DIED. But really, I did.

  • I need a new iPhone case. My Otterbox cracked a while ago, and sadly, took it's last breath this weekend. I need something protective y'all because I am a klutz and a spaz. I am really loving these two:

This is the new Tridelta case from Lilly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our print because it doesn't scream sorority (since I sadly, am not a collegian anymore), but it is a beautiful combination of our colors. I have the Murphee scarf and I get compliments everytime I wear it. I am just nervous it isn't going to be protective enough.
I also adore this Erin Condren one I found recently. I would be getting it in the "pool" color found on their color guide. Plus I have a 50 dollar egift card I bought last time with a Plum District voucher. I know this has a bumper around the front edge which is SUPER important.

Anyone have an opinion on either - I'd love to have them!

Happy Monday babes!


Ashley said...

You should check out boatman geller (from sweet tea paperie) and lipstickshades.com! They have super fun cases!!

Carolyn said...

Ouch on the jellyfish sting! So funny that your mom wanted to see that movie.
Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

Claire said...

As an "unbiased" opinion, I'd have to say that the Lifeguard press ones really, really wear away and turn white in places, especially if you drop yours as much as me! I'm loving my Tory B hard case but it doesn't work well with my connector cable in my car... pity!