I Whip My Hurr

Who knew getting a haircut by a professional once every few years could do a lot for you? I do now, haha!

Anyways, I have lots of things to "So What" to today. Y'all head on over to adorable Shannon's and link up too!

So what...

  • If I immediately took a phone pic of my new hair which is totally grainy and not flattering - oh well. I loved every second of the Keurig coffee that they served me FO FREE. Seriously, I may go back every week for the head massage and the free coffee. FYI You should probably not tell the hair girl that you use whatever your momma brings home from Target when she asks you what type of shampoo you use. JUDGEMENT CITY.

  • If I order things from CHINA and don't realize until its been two weeks since my purchase. I just logged in to check on my shirt and here is the tracking.

  • If I am taking advantage of this working for free thing by taking off three days to get a haircut and go to a concert and the beach with my (former?) roommate for her birthday. It isn't gonna stay this way, that is for sure.
  • If I crave Chipotle pretty much every day. And I don't have any money. Which means I am spending money I don't have just for the deliciousness for a burrito bowl. At least I get the brown rice and try to keep it healthy?
  • If I am hoping the 5K we are running on Saturday is cancelled. It is going to be 100 degrees and my WPW has been actin a fool the past week, but I still don't want to be the one to drop out. It will look far better if they will just cancel it. 
  • If I want to go out to lunch simply because my hair actually looks decent. This rarely happens and I want TODAY to be the day I run into all those crazies from high school that I hide from in the grocery store. Baha.
Happy Wednesday!!

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Claire said...

LOVE ALL OF THESE! I especially love your new hair!!!! I walked past Loft today and saw some of your AWESOME choices from the other night heehee!