It Ain't Worth Splitting Hairs Over

Well... this time I am hoping to split with some of my hair. Mainly the split ends! I finally made a hair appointment here and I cannot wait to get a new cut. I am trying to grow my hair out for various weddings and such... and I have never been a long hair girl.

However, I am liking the different things I can do to my hair, now that it is getting longer. Although, momma could use some volume over here fo sho.

Here is how my hair usually is (or was last summer):

And here it is now:

It's not the best picture, but you can see my hair is now far past my collar bones. I have gotten a few trims in the last year or so, but  nothing major. Clearly, I need some biotin to make it grow!

I usually look to Reese Witherspoon for hair pictures because we both have the strong jaw and pointy chin (not the easiest face shape to have y'all). Although her face is much thinner than mine haha.

I love this cut Reese* had a few years ago:

I also love this one of Jessica Simpson*:

But this one of Jennifer Garner* is my absolute fav!

Her hair here is close to the length of mine and I love the amount of body in it. So I tried it on for myself ;) (via)

Not too shabby. We will see if this new girl can pull something off similar for me. I just need a s-t-y-l-e bad y'all!

Any of you take inspiration from celebs for your hair? Happy Tuesday!

*Found via Google Images


A Simple Southern Life said...

I'm with you on needing a trim.. My split ends are BAD. Jennifer Aniston is my go-to hair inspiration. Your Jennifer Garner style is adorable!

Mrs. Howard said...

I love the Jennifer Garner style. You're so adorable that you could pull off any look!

Ashley said...

I brought that Jessica Simpson picture to my stylist the last time I got my hair cut and I am OBSESSED with it!! I definitely vote for that one!

Sarah said...

I love Reese's hair, too! I love how she does her bangs!

Stephen said...

And this is just one of the advantages of being a guy... a haircut costs about $10 and consists of the words: “a five at the sides and a seven at the top“.

Charlotte said...

Holy cow!! Your hair is so long!! Love that last style. My hair is flat, flat., flat! I have been meaning to make an appt this week to get my split ends cut too but I know I'll end up getting too much ct off and I have a wedding this weekend that I want to have some sort of up-do. My hair is thin and dones't really do anything! I've tried Biotin but it makes my poo leg hairs grow in addition to my hair. I don't need anymore of that! Also, I use Nioxin to make my hair thicker and give it some more umph- and they usually have it on sale at TJ Maxx instead of full price at Ulta!!