High on Summertime

This weekend was pretty much as summertime as it gets around here, and I loved it! A little boat time would have made it absolutely perfect - but the wind factor made it a little too unsafe sadly :(

We still had a blast though! Stuart came home to spend some time with his dad for his birthday/Father's Day and we spent the whole weekend with friends and family :)

Friday night I went to dinner with my bff Heather and then we headed to Corey's to meet the boys and make a fire pit. I can't believe at the beach in June we made a fire pit and I had to borrow sweatpants and a sweatshirt from Corey just to keep warm. We had a blast just sitting around the fire talking, and I even headed back to Hev's for an old fashioned sleep over :)

Saturday, I spent the morning helping Hev organize some stuff in her house and then headed back to my place to cut the grass and help my parents get ready for a dinner they were having. I went for a quick run, bopped in the shower and then got to spend some time running errands with S. Is it weird that I love doing normal things with him? Ha!

(a picture from Memorial Day I just found, I thought an image might be helpful in breaking up all the text ;) )

We went to dinner with his parents at a Jewish deli that opened on our side of the water on Saturday night and it was delicious. Stuart's parents both worked in a Jewish deli when they lived in St. Thomas in the 70's/early80's so they were telling me all kinds of different things... I had no idea pastrami was beef? Haha! Their stories from St. Thomas and the reason they moved there is hilarious, his dad has the best stories! I might have to get him to write a few down to share sometime :)

We headed to a comedy show later that night and then hit downtown to meet up with some friends - and I am so glad we did! My best friend from college, Heidi, moved far away to Atlanta a few years ago, and her boyfriend, who I love is about to move down there to be with her. But he was in town visiting for his brother's high school graduation so I got to see Paul, and I was thrilled!! I think I spent more time talking to Paul than I did anyone else. He is seriously one of my favorite people in the entire world. Love him!

I finally got a few pictures at Marker that night, haha!

 Hev, Emily, and I with Paul
 S and I with Jared photobombing in the background, that crazy kid.
 No Jare Bear this time!
Hev deciding tonight was the night she should enter Em's car via the sunroof. Crazy girl.

Sunday was spent with a little bit of church, a Mexican lunch and a whole lot of laying around to celebrate Father's Day. S spent the day laying tile with his dad before heading back to Cville. I did get a goodbye kiss though... can't wait til there are no more goodbyes! I skyped with my friend Lindsey who  moved to Chicago to P.A. school and it was great catching up with her as well :)

Side note, my St. Jude page is up and running if you want to bop by and read more. Oh, and you can donate if you feel so inclined ;) Here it is!

Hope y'all had great weekends :)

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Ashley said...

You go, girl! I love busy weekends like that, and I can't wait to read all about your marathon training!