Why Wait?

Fitting title since I saw Rascal Flatts last night annnddd as soon as I opened blogger it came on my iPhone :)

We had a pretty great weekend around these parts. Well I did at least :)

Friday night Corey and I went to Chili's to grab a few beers and then went to see Brave. It was so good! I was shocked there were that many children at a 10pm showing. Y'all I was strugglin, I have no idea how those kidlets were staying awake! I suppose it is summer and it was a Friday night but goodness. There were five and six year old kids in there!

Saturday I spent the day with my two favorite girls :)

Jbug and I played on the swingset at her sister's t-ball game in the morning and had a blast. Even though it was 76870857 degrees outside and the humidity was at 100%. Did I mention I ran there too. Just about died, PTL for my treadmill this summer!

I headed over to their house later to give their momma and daddy a much needed night out. I ordered pizza, and then K decided that she wanted mac and cheese. I don't eat mac and cheese so I had never made it before. Lets just say thank goodness Stuart can cook and I can survive off of popcorn and Diet Coke for dinner when he isn't around. I failed hard at mac and cheese haha. We played freeze tag, hide and go seek, tea party and they watched Aladdin for the first time. Perfect girls night in :) Are they not the cutest? I die.

I got to spend some time with Corey and Sarah after babysitting and we watched Lock-up. Goodness I have no idea how people work in prisons... there is some scary stuff going on there! I guess it takes a special person cause I certainly wouldn't be able to do it.

Sunday my momma woke up feeling terrible so I taught my first Sunday School class. Fortunately there were only 3 kids there haha. We talked about the 3 parables and then made a "quilt" showing what we were thankful to be blessed with. Clearly, I should have majored in Art in college.

My mom asked if that was beer in the mug in the second picture. Clearly it was coffee! Goodness.

After "big church" daddy and I rushed back so I could hop in the shower and get ready for Rascal Flatts! Oh my goodness I had a blast. I went down there with my best friend Heather, and two girls I graduated with that I hadn't spent time with in forever. Hev is living with one of them and it was so nice to catch up. We spent the majority of the afternoon in a bar eating and ordering delicious drinks before tailgating for a bit before the concert! We met up with another girl from high school and her boyfriend that actually both went to Tech. Her boyfriend is too sweet and he was the president of Pike so we had a bunch of friends in common!

 Hev, me, Amanda, Savannah and Heather (two Heather's, one photo) before the concert. My boots got deflowered... they made it to their first country concert!!

 Ready for Rascal!

Hev and I in our boots :)

I decided it would be a good idea to throw away my bottle before entering the concert venue. And I then I ran across the entire parking lot when there was a trash can right next to me. 
Impressed I got a little exercise in. And impressed with that double chin. Woof.

 Amanda, me, and Hev. Super sweaty but having a blast!

We ran into my childhood best friend and she and her boyfriend came and sat with our crazy group. It was so good to see her and chat a bit... you made it on the blog again Ky! I know you were looking for your shining moment :)

RF put on an amazing concert and I had a blast singing at the top of my lungs, dancing around and sweating like a fool. I am so glad I am "home" this summer to enjoy the summer concert series... nothing beats a country concert in June!

We finally made it home about 12:30 or so... and this morning I am paying the price. Nothing some dry shampoo and an Iced Coffee from Mickey D's can't fix (if only we could get a Sbux drive thru around here!). I am too old to pretend like I am in college on nights I have to get up and work the next morning haha!

Happy Monday :)


Charlotte said...

fun fun fun! I am dying to go to a fun concert. And what I would do for that iced coffee right now!

Ashley said...

I am DYING to see RF in concert!! My parents have seen them numerous times and just love the show they put on! Glad you had fun!!

Melissa said...

What a BUSY but FUN weekend!

Stephen said...

"I guess it takes a special person cause I certainly wouldn't be able to do it"

I acted for a couple of prison guards when I was a plaintiff lawyer. It does indeed take a special person: for one thing, it helps to have the sensitivity of a ball bearing and to be a little bit crazy when you start. I don't recommend it as a career.

Sounds like you had a blast at the RF concert I must say - impressed you were willing to tackle it on a school night!!!

Claire said...

PTL. Heehee