Misc. Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend like I did :).

I haven't done Carissa's Miscellany Monday in forever, and today seems like a perfect day to hop back on board!

1. Thursday night was spent eating delicious Mexican food, chatting with Claire and listening to all kinds of bad karaoke. It was wonderful, although nary a picture was taken. Whoops, worst bloggers ever. Guess that means we were too busy chatting?

2. After my dinner with Claire I headed straight for Cville since my boss gave me Friday off. All we did this weekend was eat and lay around. It was perfection.

Homemade margherita pizza (wellll, the crust wasn't homemade). Fresh mozz is the best!

Cookie pie. Because Stuart doesn't have any baking sheets yet... whoops. Highly recommended if you are in need of a delicious cookie/75984759438 pounds.

3. I hate Blogger, and I don't have a PC so I can't use Windows Live Writer. Anyone have a suggestion for a Mac user?

4. I fail at Juneathon. I had a feeling this might happen. Between some stressful stuff last week and the heat we have had - I just haven't felt like running. Which means I have felt sluggish and unproductive. I want to start running again. I need to start running again. I have a treadmill in my bedroom for pete's sake, but I HATE THE TREADMILL with all my being. I guess I am going to have to suck it up or sacrifice some of my sleep. But something's gotta give!


5. Above treadmill is covered in boxes and boxes of my stuff from my apartment. Guess maybe I need to do some condensing and cleaning out?

6. We tried a new church in Cville yesterday and I really liked it. It is very similar to the church I grew up in and we even ran into some people that I used to go to church with that moved there. Their daughter Erin, who is a few years older than me is supposed to be moving back in August and she and her husband are both a-m-a-zing. As in they have been living in Isreal for the last year or so doing all kinds of ministry. Fingers crossed they have a good group of people our age and a music outlet for S, our two big things in finding a church. Double bonus, they are baptist, and if we pick this church - I win! (Just kidding, S was baptized Methodist and so we have a running joke on what kind of church we will end up in... ultimately we want to end up where we are going to feel at home and grow the most!).

7. Jobs in Cville. I need one. Anyone want to give me one? I prefer working with college students but I'll take any kind of office job ;). But seriously, I have been applying like crazy and saying lots of prayers. I absolutely hated leaving Cville this weekend although I am trying to soak up this time living at home cause I know once I am married, things won't be the same,

Whew, that was long winded. Props if you made it through. Have a great day!


Ashley said...

Yummo! That pizza looks amazing, girl! Good luck finding a job... I know how that feels all too well! Happy Monday :)

Michelle said...

ooh that cookie pie looks amazing!

Jodie said...

The cookie pie looks to die for... now add cream cheese frosting!! Yum!! :)

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

Hello pretty girl!!!

Came across you totally by chance--of course we would both be commenting about how much long distance relationships suck!!

So happy to see everything is going well with you and now be able to keep in touch :)

DL, Sam

Ashley said...

That cookie looks DELISH! Recipe, please!? And if you find a fabulous blogging program, let me know! I hate using blogger too and haven't been able to find something suitable.. whomp

Claire said...

YESSSSS shout-outttttt!!!! That was quite the experience (karaoke) and I found out only AFTER we went that some of the lovely people I met w Mr C a few weeks ago actually frequent that very place. Pity we didn't see one heehee!

Stephen said...

"Double bonus, they are baptist, and if we pick this church - I win!"

[Cough, cough ... try Catholicism ... cough, cough ... go on, swim the Tiber! ... cough cough cough cough!] ;)