Juneathon Day 1 and 6 Months

Happy Friday y'all!

It just hit me that 6 months from today, I will be running my first MARATHON. What?!?! I am so incredibly nervous and excited already. In preparation for the marathon, I also have found a 1/2 in Cville in October that will be perfect for me to run and get in some more race experience. It is the morning of a UVA game, so I think a 1/2 followed by some beer and tailgating makes for an exciting saturday :).

I made myself get up this morning after hitting the snooze button 3 times to run for the first day of Juneathon! If you haven't signed up yet-there is still time, just go here!

I cranked out a quick two because I didn't have time to run anymore haha. I have a feeling weekdays for me will probably be short mileage days because I love my sleep. At least I got my butt out of bed and did something, and that is the goal of Juneathon!

Last night we celebrated my bff Heather's soon-to-be stepmom's birthday on the southside so Hev picked me up from work and we did a little shopping. I finally got this Hokie colored skirt for a reduced price PLUS 50% off! I adore LOFT and I am especially loving them this season with their Hokie colors :)

After we did a little shopping we headed over to their brand new house and I got to take a tour... y'all it is beautiful! We ended up at Cracker Barrel because it was close and we had Kaye's (Hev's soon-to-be stepmom) older parents with us. We then came home for Smith Island Cake and presents... if you have never had a Smith Island Cake you are missing out. They are the most delicious cakes in the entire world. They consist of a ton of really thin layers with icing in the middle. Yellow with chocolate icing is my favorite. Kaye joked that I only joined for the cake. ;)

Tonight I am heading over to Chesapeake for dinner with an old friend and then I may head back out to Mike and Kaye's house for some more cake ;). Tomorrow I am heading to the wedding of a family friend and I will be home for once to get some laundry and things done. A low key weekend with a little fun is just what the doctor ordered!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Ahh I LOVE that skirt! I'm going to have to hunt it down myself!

Claire said...

"a quick two" hahaha you're such a runner!!!! I didn't do anything yet today... There's still time! Does power walking through the Greek Fest to beat the rain count?

Stephen said...

Awesome about following through on Juneathon - and good luck with the weekdays. Would surely make it easier to rationalise some more of that cake!