Junathon and Other Business

Happy Thursday Beauts!

Things are pretty quiet around my office and I thought I'd take a little brain break and blog for a few :)

First things first, Juneathon is approaching (like, tomorrow!) and I have decided to participate so I am held accountable. Those 5am wakeup calls to run have been canceled by the snooze button and since tomorrow also officially counts as 6 months to the marathon, I have got to get my booootaaayyy in gear. Basically, you run (or do some other exercise) everyday and then blog about it. It is that easy, and it's free! You can also tweet about it. Anyone else want to join me - let me know! Sign up here.

Second, I am love love loving my field study. The people that I work with are fantastic and I have learned so much in just two weeks. Plus they are being really proactive in helping me make connections for future jobs :). ODU is great!

Third, I am trying- yet again, to give up Diet Coke. I don't think one or two a week will hurt me but I had gotten into the habit of having them preeettyyy regularly. I am now onto coffee, which is better for me and I am just drinking it with a little half and half and some stevia. The only issue is, I drink DC when I am out with friends and I am the DD or I just don't want to drink but want to have something in my hand.

Fourth, I am going to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight with my best friend from home to celebrate her stepmom's birthday and I have no idea what to eat that will have some semblance of health. Even their salads have a ton of cheese and egg (which I don't eat) on them. Ahhh. The only thing that looks remotely okay and kinda healthy is the grilled chicken tenderloin. We shall see what happens!

I need to get a few things done before Hev gets here so it's back to the grind. Let me know if you want to do Juneathon or are already doing it... I would love to have a buddy!


Claire said...

I have not heard of this "Juneathon"!!!! I'm going to have to look into it! I do have a wedding dress to rock in one year from tomo!

Stephen said...

Dunno if I count as a buddy, but having googled Juneathon, I'm in! See you in your runners!