It's the Final Countdown

We have been trying to live it up as best we can these last few days in the Burg! Lots of wine, chatting and TV show watching, mixed in with some adventures :). Needless to say my pants won't fit the same after this week, but the memories being made are so worth it!

Saturday Nicole and I decided to hop in the car and hike the Cascades, but that didn't happen. We ended up at Mountain Lake (where they filmed Dirty Dancing!), decided we were to cheap to park and see the sites and just kept on driving. We finally found a semi trail and decided to go for an hour and a half hike. We didn't really find anything (other than that little guy on the top of Nicole's bottle), but the rainy weather made for quite the adventure!

Corey went out with us Saturday night because he was in town and we grabbed dinner and drinks at the Rivermill. So glad to see him!

Sunday I spent the day working on my LAST FINAL EVER (other than a paper I have due at the end of this summer for my Field Study) and completed it in time to come home to Nicole and Linds cooking dinner. We ate and watched Once Upon a Time, Desperates and GCB. Love these lowkey nights :).

Monday I got up for a run and then showered and got ready for our photo shoot across campus! We started off by getting Subway and eating by the Duckpond and pretty much made our way all over campus. We stopped midway for a few beers at Sharkeys and then took a few more pictures before heading to the Lyric to see the Hunger Games and then downtown to Champs and Big Als for a bit. Here are a few of my favs from the day!

I have been doing laundry and packing (booo!) most of the day, although I did throw in a two and a half mile run a spin class to try and negate some of my eating/drinking choices this week, haha. My butt has never hurt more after that spin class! Tomorrow Nicole will take her last two exams EVER and we will be celebrating with Margs and Mexican food. I cannot wait!

Here's to living up my last weeks as an undergrad. It's been a hell of a ride!

Happy Tuesday y'all!


Sarah said...

What adorable pictures!! Sounds like you are making the most of your last couple of days! Can't believe it's here so SOON!

Caitlin said...

Those picutres are great! Love the one in front of the VT sign!! I'm glad you are finally relaxing and enjoying your last few weeks! You definitely deserve it!

Charlotte said...

Yay! Uh, everytime I read your blog I just wish we lived closer! I need a workout buddy!! Can't believe you are almost finished. Live it up!! The real world is nooo fun! Any post grad plans??

Stephen said...

Undergrad life... Glad you're savouring it. I didn't, I'm afraid, and now - 15 years later - I regret it a lot! Enjoy these times, indeed!