Dear Friday

Happy Friday y'all! I love the idea of writing letters (cough B.A. in English cough) so this Friday link-up is perrrrfect. Head on over and link up with cute Ashley with me :).

Dear Thursday Nights, Please stay like this FOREVER. Our little tradition of wine and my girls should never have to end, even if we are all moving away. You have quickly become my favorite night of the week and I am so sad that we might have to part. Love, Sentimental Sap

Dear Stuart's Job Offer, Please offer him nice benefits and a decent salary that he can live off of and buy me something shiny with ;). He is a hard worker and I know your company will benefit from having him around. Also lots of vacation time so he can play with me would be the best. And hurry up and do it already, would ya? Sincerely, Impatient

Dear Bloggy BFF aka Claire, Thank you for becoming unprivate again. When you were private, you no longer showed up in my reader feed and I had to bookmark you and then randomly stalk to see if you posted. Awkward. Also, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! I know this year is going to be the best year yet! Filled with looottsss of Moe's and Starbucks dates, as well as a few other big things ;). XOXO, Your Favorite Friends/Moe's Fanatic.

Dear Take Home Exams, If you could go ahead and do yourselves, that would be wonderful. I would much rather lay in bed and watch movies and hang out with my girls than do you. If you could get A's on yourself, that would be great, although I would definitely take  B+ if you'd just leave me be. Kisses, The Star Student

Dear Graduation, I am SO ready for you and SO not ready for you at the same time. I am so ready to be done with the schoolwork aspect for a bit, but I am not ready to leave some of my best friends and move out of my adorable apartment. Also, if you could manage to make everything run smoothly next Friday, that'd be good too. Hearts, The Graduate



Pamela said...

I hear ya, on the job offer! I am waiting to hear back from an interview that I had a week & half ago!

Caitlin said...

These are adorable. I esepcially love the wine night Thursdays :) College is the best!

Stephen said...

Love the idea of writing more letters, but do write real ones too, so that future social historians have something to write dissertations on (cough BA (Hons) in History cough cough cough)!