Is This Real Life or Limbo?

Right now I am living the college graduate dream...working for no pay and living at home with my parents. That was all of your dreams, right? Whomp!

Actually, it isn't as bad as it seems... I am getting some great experience and I'm working with people that genuinly want to help me and my parent's finally moved the twin sized bed out of my room and upped me to a queen. They even threw in a foam topper to make it extra cozy! Sweet folks aren't they? I'm glad they decided 23 was the time for a big girl bed, haha.

Right now I am waiting to be called into a meeting to discuss curriculum sheets and articulation agreements. Nope, I didn't know what those things were either two days ago but right now my life is filled with them. And I don't hate it. Good news, since I think I have finaallllyyy decided this is what I want to do, right? (Disclaimer: don't hold me to this).

My life perhaps?

It's nice starting off with a 3 day work week and then transitioning into the 4 day work week that is next week. If they paid me a salary, this would be the perfect gig ;).

Fortunately, if I can ward off the stomach bug my sister had yesterday I will be heading to the beach tomorrow for the weekend. Although, on second thought... if I can get that stomach bug today and be over it by tomorrow I will be closer to bathing suit ready. Decisions, decisions. Don't be surprised if you find me kissing her for the sake of my bikini bod. And PTL I have finally found something I like almsot as much as my beloved (albiet too expensive for no job) spray tans.

Tan towels! I know a bunch of you have probably hopped on board this wagon but I am usually a little late to the party. I used Sonia Kashuk's line from Targ and loved them. It was like $11 bucks for 4 huge towels, which is equal to either 4 or 2 tans depending on how dark you want them. I used 2 for Stuart's graduation so I could pop in my dresses but for everyday I will likely just stick to one. Still much cheaper than $25-$50 for one tan! And it didnt make me streak. Targ, you have done it again you old friend. Find them here!

Happy Thursday y'all!


Katie said...

Glad to see you are enjoying post-grad life. It is pretty crazy, isn't it? I am in the same boat as you, living at home!

Claire said...

HAHA yay for a big girl bed! Why oh why is it so cloudy here right now??? Today was supposed to be my pool day for a base coat for the beach tomorrow- come onnnnnn sunshine. Also if you're bored today come on over :)