Graduated! (Kinda)

Happy, happy Monday!

I am curled up on the couch next to S getting ready to watch the Bachelorette! Anyone else tuning in ;)?

It feels like it has been forever, and what a whirlwind week it has been :). 

Thursday night I worked an Architecture party (I used to work for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies), and we went through 100 bottles of wine in 2 hours! There were NOT that many people there, but lots of people left on foot instead of car, haha.

Friday was graduation day! We had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn in order to get to campus because security was so high due to the guest speaker. You may have heard of her, the First Lady of the US? Regardless of political affiliation or beliefs, having the First Lady speak at your commencement is pretty darn cool. Her speech was nothing special but it was really neat to be a part of US history :).

We had to run from the big ceremony in Lane to grab some lunch before my departmental ceremony. The big ceremony was at 12 and my department's ceremony was at 4, but I had to be there at 3:15 and we didn't get out of the big ceremony til 2. 

Fortunately, my departmental ceremony was only 45 minutes top to bottom... best ceremony ever! S met us at my favorite restaurant by Claytor Lake, MK's and we had a casual pizza dinner... perfect for me since last year was so nuts!

 Coley and I

 My girls while waiting in line to go through security.

 With the main Tech sign.

Processing in!

We headed back into the burg and spent my last night in 1316 with Coley and Josh. We decided our only course of action was to drink the rest of the beer in our fridge - so we did ;).

Saturday there was lots of packing and moving out to cars and seeing family and such but the biggest moment, and the one I want to remember is sitting on our green couches in our spots opening cards from each other. We both cried and took in our surroundings. That was OUR place for 4 years and we are going to miss it (and each other) horribly. We actually ended up saying goodbye at the Kroger gas pumps because we both needed gas, haha. I drove out of town listening to Enter Sandman and bawling... guess Bburg had a big impact on me ;).

This weekend was spent unpacking and cleaning because we are a host family for a local baseball team and one of the girl interns (my sister is the other) is living with us this summer! S and I headed back to Cville tonight for the week to look for apartments for him and spend some time together... a little mini vacation since no one else is in town :).

I'm sure I will be back around more this week, hope y'all have a good one! I should have some more pictures soon :).


Ashley said...

Congratulations!! I cried the entire 9 hour drive home after graduation.. My poor 18 year old brother had to drive most of the way AND listen to Enter Sandman at least once an hour. Hokie pride is for life!

Caitlin said...

Congrats on your graudation!! My dad told me that Michelle Obama was speaking at commencement! That is AWESOME regardless of her speech! Something you'll always remember :)

I'm going to bawl so hard when I have to pack up and move from college. SO sad!