Is It September Yet?

Just about this time every year, my blood pressure has finally gotten back to normal and my Saturdays have been free for so long that I start to really, really, really itch for the fall. And no, it is not just for the cooler temperatures, my favorite outfits and the beautiful foliage (although, I love those too). It's because I really, truly, 100 % miss football season.

If you are just making your way around these parts, I am a college football fanatic. Always have been. My team of choice is, of course, the Virginia Tech Hokies. It has been since day one, see?

I live for those Enter Sandman jumps, key shaking third downs, turkey leg smells, Lets Go Hokies chants and post touchdown high fives. 

I can't even remember a fall in my life that hasn't been spent in Blacksburg, either for weekend trips or the last four/fiveish years of college. It is the best place on earth. If you haven't been here, get your booty here asap. But start looking for tickets now... they sell out quickly :)

My momma has already volunteered to watch my babies when the time comes and I need to be in Lane Stadium, but rest assured they will be wearing these no matter what their hoo-lovin' daddy says ;). (Both via Etsy.)

Even though I will likely be living in enemy territory Charlottesville this fall, I cannot wait to make the short two hour trek back to Blacksburg to root on my Hokies, biting my nails and screaming the whole way :). And I can't wait to sit on my couch and root them on during away games, waving my VT flag proudly and likely annoying the neighbors, haha.

We may not quite be the SEC, but we are on our way up and I will be proud to say I have been there since the beginning, crying after losses as a young child (oooorrr after our bowl loss in Janualry), celebrating wins in DT Blacksburg, and standing in all elements just for my boys. 

Anyone else ready for September?

Happy Wednesday!!


A Simple Southern Life said...

I can't say I'm ready for September but I AM 100% ready for football season!!

Claire said...

I'll take Summer thank you :) not to mention are a family of "enemies" heehee

Katie & Ryan said...

Umm love this! And love all the baby stuff of course :) We had our final baby class the other night and the instructor was talking about playlists, and I turned to my husband and said with a straight face that I hope Enter Sandman is playing when this kid joins the world. He was not amused. But lets be honest, this kid is gonna be a Hokie through and through :)

Charlotte said...

You got a new blog design!! Love it!! xoxo Happy Hump Day!

Ashley said...

I am SO ready for September 3rd! And those little football hats are ADORABLE!!