So Proud and Other Monday Things!

Happy almost Tuesday y'all! 

We had a big weekend around these parts and someone pretty daggone' special received the "honors of Honor" by graduating from UVA (it is apparently from a poem that is a big deal... I heard that quote all weekend). I must say, he looked pretty cute doing it too ;).

We started the festivities by attending a luncheon at the President's house and then had a few beers and some Italian food on the Downtown Mall. Stuart's parents spoiled us with food this weekend! Saturday night we just hung out and I may have fallen asleep by 10pm... whoops. It was a good thing because Sunday was the big day and I was up before 7!

I, like any good blogger insisted on a few photos to commemorate the day :)

My drumming graduate!

Being goofy. Corey actually took this without us knowing. Love candids!

New favorite picture of us. We are both real smiling!

Stuart, Olivia, Laura and Joe. Some of S's roommates and very best friends. Love them!

Corey (S's best friend who drove up from home) and I ended up watching the Lawn ceremony from a separate viewing site because it was so crowded. S's mom gave us a bunch of 2 dollar bills (they are a big thing at UVA because Jefferson founded the university and is on them) so we bought snacks and sat in the air conditioning. Win! We were there for his diploma ceremony as well before we bopped over to the CS building for a Panera catered lunch before champaign on the porch and an early Outback dinner. S was spoiled by his parents and family friends and I think really enjoyed everything - I could not be more proud of him! 

We spent Sunday night hanging out with all of his roommates and drinking more champaign and just laughing and talking. None of them are leaving Cville quite yet so he gets a few more days to enjoy them which I know he is thrilled about. They are such a fun group and I don't think anyone knows how to have fun quite like they do ;). 

Hayden, Joe, Laura, Olivia, Stuart and Chris... the whole crew!

I headed back home today and now I am in bed falling asleep to Friends (which is finally back on the right schedule!) in preparation for the start of my Field Study tomorrow! I will be up at 6 for a quick run before heading over to ODU... the start of becoming a "real" person haha. Hope y'all have a great night!


Claire said...

Y'all are too cute! YAY FOR THE PROPER FRIENDS SCHED! It's about time, and I get cable today!!!!

Jen Grantham said...

Good luck with starting life as a "real" person! Btw, I highlighted you on my blog today. Check it out!