Vaca at Home

Weelll, I am not exactly at home but I am spending the week with S in his empty house and we have nothing on the agenda other than a few dinner dates with some friends. I am so excited! We slept in this morning, I have responded to some emails and caught up on blogs and now we are off for a run and the grocery store. This not working not studying thing is so nice ;). Too bad it won't last!

Some random thoughts for today:

  • The Bachelorette was all kinds of interesting. A guy dressed like a Grandma? The egg? The horrible pickup lines? I spent the night texting my roommate/bff and sharing commentary. My early favs? Charlie and Ryan (the one from Savannah).
  • Watched the season finale of How I Met Your Mother last night and oh my goodness I spent it screaming! So many things happened - I won't ruin it for you guys that haven't seen it but baby boy Erickson gets the most HIMYM middle name ever and my FAVORITE from Ted's past returns ;). SO SO SO SO SO good! I can't believe next season is the last.
  • I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of new clothes I don't really need... what else is new? I got some turquoise shorts from J.Crew, two pairs of shorts and a dress from Gap outlet and two pairs of neon Norts from the Nike outlet. Is it sad I am most excited about the Norts? (Side note: Norts are Nike running shorts).
  • I haven't run in a week. There, I said it. It was graduation week and I had other things to do like drink with my friends and pack my life up. Whoops? Back on the bandwagon starting today!
  • Twitter is better than Facebook. Especially for watching TV shows with the rest of America. And not having to read political rants with all of the ensuing comments.
  • I am sick of Amendment One debates - FROM BOTH SIDES.
That is about all for today. Happy Tuesday!


Charlotte said...

We really need to stop being the same person. I'm SO sick of all of the politics- yes, both sides! Uh!

SO glad you get to have some time with S to hang out. And you needed a running break!! No harm. Have a great day oxoxo

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh the men from the bachelorette were SO CRAZY!!!!!!! The guy with the egg?? WTF, like, WHAT.. I just don't even understand!! So ridiculous! And the helicopter? He reminded me of Casey from Ali's season -- I don't know why but maybe it was just the creepy factor.

And I'm definitely with you on loving Twitter a lot lately! I love seeing the commentary from all of my friends/celebs during my fave shows and there is soooo much less political ranting. LOVE IT!

Glad you're getting to relax after graduation! Hope you have a great week!

Claire said...

Life jinx! I just went to the Nike outlet and saw the fantastic Norts!!!! But I had extraordinary will power and refrained because I had to be a grown up and buy bar stools for our house (when we entertain people like you!!!!) and I hated every minute of it HAHA!