Shades of...Megan?

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope  you aren't experience a post-holiday hangover like I am. Although this Starbucks is helping for sure!

Because I am just getting back into the swing of things, I thought a few bullet points might do the job today :)

  • 50 Shades of Grey... obsessed maybe? I started the first book on the beacIh Saturday and had it read by Saturday night. Once we got internet Sunday night I downloaded the next two and I am halfway through the third one... started and finished the second one yesterday. Perfect beach reading! The s*x is a little much for me (especially in a bathing suit around a ton of people) but I love the mystery like aspect of Christian's upbringing and such. The writing isn't the best I've seen but I have an English degree so I have had my fair share of renouned authors to compare James against. Now if only I could be back on the beach reading ;). I am loving this some ecard for sure!
  • A 24 before I'm 24 update will be around tomorrow. I have marked a few things off the list and I am ready to update... Saturday will be my half-birthday so I only have 6 more months to accomplish things!
  • I wish my office had a coffee pot so I don't have to keep running over to Starbucks everyday... and my parent's don't drink coffee so there isn't one at home either!
  • I am so ready to move to Charlottesville. Now the job needs to happen. I am just sick of saying goodbye to S. At least he made it over here for lunch today.
  • This is so true:
  • The beach this weekend was just what I needed... although I came home exhausted. I forgot what it does for my soul. Full recap to come sometime this week. We had so much fun, laughed a ton and ate to our hearts content. Seeing this was awesome after we drove out onto Corolla for the day:

I have lots of curriculum sheets and articulation agreements to get back to so I should probably bop on that. Hope y'all have a great day!


Bethany Scruggs said...

"Take that skinny bitches." LOL! Love it!! :)

Claire said...

AMEN to that Lilly quote!!!! May have to print that out and take it to work next week :) I know everyone there would appreciate it! Come play with me soon!

Charlotte said...

Hahaha oh Christian Grey quotes. Glad you had a good weekend! xo