Day 2 and a God Thing

I am not even gonna lie to y'all this morning, I am so ready for Friday already!

It has been two weeks since I've seen that boy of mine and I miss him terribly. Fortunately, I will be making my way there on Friday for a few days and I cannot wait!!

Yesterday I am choosing to view my Juneathon exercise as walking around PTC and Target. It was thunderstorming so I thought it best not to get electricuted. It was still exercise! I was exhausted from this weekend to get up this morning and run, but it is going to be relatively cool today so I will throw on my shoes tonight and get day three done :)

Anyways, yesterday was nothing but a God thing... and I am convinced of it. We got up and went to church as a family yesterday and after church my parents had to stay and count offering money because my dad is a deacon. Usually, this only takes about twenty-thirty minutes, but yesterday it took twice as long. They kept finding more money in weird places and so they had to start over every time, which was incredibly frustrating.

We were standing in my mom's Sunday School classroom discussing where to get lunch from before heading to my grandmother's and heard a knock on the door. We were the only ones left in the church and my mom sent my dad to answer it.

There was a mentally disabled man outside the door and as soon as my dad walked out, he asked for some advice. My dad started talking to him and we found out some things about his home life, including the way his mother displines him with a squirt gun. This man was about thirty years old and looked pretty clean cut, like he had a home where he was taken care of, but he was quite dishevled. He told my dad that his name was Josh and he was having bad thoughts and stopped taking his medication because he believed it wasn't working. My dad came inside and we decided to call the police because we wanted to make sure he was safe and taken care of.

My sister and I waited outside for the police officer and instructed him not to turn the sirens on because the man was afraid of police officers. The officer they sent was wonderful and they ended up taking him to a local hospital to be evaluted.

I shudder to think what might have happened to Josh had we not been at the church that day. He was miles from home, scared and in need of help. If my parents hadn't had to count the money more times because of the weird places the checks kept appearing, who knows what might have happened to him. I was so proud of my dad for handing the situation with such a calm demenor and very impressed with the officer that was sent. It is also amazing that he ended up at the door right next to the room we were in. There are several doors to the church and he bypassed three of them to walk right to that door. He was also several miles from home and we have no idea how he ended up at our church.

I have been thinking about and praying for Josh since yesterday and I sincerely hope he got the help he needed and ended up back on his medication. God does some things sometimes that really get to ya, and I needed that reminder yesterday!

Hope y'all have a great Monday!

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Charlotte said...

Wow! What a neat story. Love those God moments! Countdown til Friday: 4!!