Monogrammed iPhone Case, Myyyy Way!

I'm gonna be honest with y'all... I'm cheap and a college student. Which basically means I have little to zero money most of the time for fun things (momma and daddy pay for all of my school needs). Buuuutttt, I like nice things. So, when it comes to clothing, I'm a clearance rack kinda girl. You can find me in the back at the clearance rack at Target, Loft, Banana, Gap and various others. I love me a good sale.

I also love to find ways to get what I want for cheaper than the norm! I had a monogrammed iPhone case, but sadly it was not protective enough and I cracked my first phone. No bueno. I knew an Otterbox case would be super protective and exactly what I needed, but unfortunately there are few companies that make them, and those that do are too much for this college girl's budget. Here comes Amazon and Etsy!

I ordered a plain Otterbox from Amazon (so much cheaper and I got free shipping!) and then scoured Etsy looking for a monogram sticker small enough to fit my phone. In comes Happy Thoughts Gifts. I got an adorable monogram sticker for 7 dollars to go along with my around 20 dollar PROTECTIVE iPhone case! I couldn't be happier... see :) My case is blue and the sticker is cream, and I love the combo! I didn't want super bright yellow, and I didn't want white for fear it would get dirty. Plus I get to rep Tridelta! (PS excuse the look, I had been in the car and then in a group meeting for hours on Sunday night)

Even though it took a little longer for it all to come together, I am so pleased with the result. I die for anything monogrammed.

Happy Tuesday!

(I was not compensated for any of the products or companies mentioned. I just love all of them!)


Sarah said...

Love it! That is a great idea! Might have to borrow it ;)

jMc said...

how cute! I need to get one for my otterbox! I was going to do a Lilly P iPhone cover, but I knew realistically I had to have something to protect my phone, I am so clumsy! I drop my phone all the time so thank goodness for the otterbox! Hope you are having a great week!

Claire said...

Gee wiz you are so thrifty and creative!!!! Love it!!!!

Stephen said...

Nicely done!

Purely your call, but as a result of spending a big whack of my life broke, I've almost mastered the art of getting a week's groceries for $12.00 or less... I have a couple of things that cost next to nothing to cook (if that's the right verb) but that are surprisingly (to me at least) good. If you'd like details, let me know!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)