wilw :)

Even though it's almost Thursday, I thought I'd do a quick link up to Jamie this week :). I'm loving a few things this week.

1. I'm loving that I get to see my pnms tomorrow! I can't wait to help these little babes find their true home and start the best time of their lives ;). Even though it will be clouded with little sleep, chattering teeth and probably some crying girls, I know it will be worth it in the end!

2. Speaking of, I am loving my rg partner and all of the great girls I have met. I am constantly laughing and I cannot wait to spend more time with them this weekend. I do however miss my girls in the dolphin tank (sorority house) and I am counting down the days until I am reunited with them!

3. I am LOVING that my best friend has started her own blog :) If and when she gives me permission, I will share the link with y'all. She is precious, adorable, and a great friend, and I know you future teachers will relate to her! 

4. I am loving feeling back to normal after my tonsillectomy, and I am loving that the weight I lost from the surgery hasn't been gained back. Now if only I can keep it off... especially for the wedding I am in in a mere five months. AHHHHH I cannot believe I am old enough to marry one of my friends off. 

5. I am also loving that my guy bff is talking about starting his own blog. You know who you are.. cough Jim cough, and I can't wait to read it. Mainly because it will be about Call of Duty, weekend excursions back to the 'burg, and the lovely King George County. 

6. As always, I am loving this sweet boy. If you would, could you say a prayer for him tonight? He fell off the side of a mountain (no joke) while he was snowboarding, and we think he has a mild concussion. He did make the decision to be driven home by a friend of his, and should be going to the doctor in the morning, but I am nervous about him sleeping tonight. This is a picture he sent me this afternoon, after his spill. Poor thing.

7. I am loving that my baby sister is going through recruitment. I am so so so so so so excited for her (not to mention nervousss!) She is going to do really well, and I know the houses will love her :) ( I know, we look nothinnnggg alike!)

8. I am loving that I get to SLEEP IN tomorrow :)

Good Nighhhtt! 


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Have a great time at recruitment (or rush as I still call it!)!

Heather, All Grown up... said...

permission granted! :)

Emily P. said...

I had a tonsillectomy and it sucked! I feel your pain!