Growin and Goin

These days, I'm workin' on some things growin' and goin'.

  • My fingernails. After many years of biting them, I am working on growing them out. I've actually been doing pretty well and have polish on them currently. The changing polish and the way my hands look is such motivation. Plus I think about all the gross germs under them and it makes me gag. Blech.
  • My hair! I have had short hair for-ev-er. I had relatively long hair my senior year of high school and then after my final dance recital I CHOPPED it off. With Nicole's wedding coming up, I want to have hair long enough to do in some sort of up do pretty easily! I need a trim but it's going pretty well.
Probably the longest it's ever been

Chin length junior year

 One of my favorite cuts, from this summer
  • My relationship with God. Stuart and I have been doing a devotional, and after a really rough month last month, I really clung onto my faith. I'm excited and relieved to know that God is in control of my life. So amazing!
  • My relationship with S. We have had some ups and downs and I finally feel 100% comfortable in us. We are working hard to put God first and it is definitely paying off!!
  • My Diet Coke habit. I love me some DC y'all and I could never swear it off forever, but I definitely need to cut down. I can get the caffeine I desire from coffee without the effects of aspartame. Right now DC is just going to be a treat, not an everyday thing. 
  • Me. As in I am working on getting goin' on some running. I have to wait to get the clear from my heart doc on Wednesday, but hopefully he will give me the okay! I need to run, it makes me feel so. much. better.
  • Some of these post 1/2 lbs. I've probably gained 5 lbs since I ran the 1/2 because despite the lack of exercise, I have been eating the same! I know 5 lbs isn't a ton, but it is enough to make me uncomfortable and it needs to go. Plus I have obtained some unhealthy eating habits that need to go. Fortunately there are tons of fruits and veggies in the fridge after our grocery trip today!

Anyone else have anything growin' and goin'? Let me know!! 

Happy Tuesday loves!

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Charlotte said...

So glad the doctor cleared you and things are going well! YAY for getting our lives back on track! :) And I have a terrible nail biting problem. We are the same person. Just gotta keep polish on them. Happy Hump Night! Almost Thurs!! :)