"We Go Together Like Peas and Carrots"

Quote from Forrest Gump (1994)

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm at work avoiding working on a paper about Forrest Gump (yes, he was classified as at-risk, in case you were wondering) so of course, blogging was the next step to my procrastination after checking my email!

Our weekend was pretty low key, Stuart got into town around 7:30 on Friday night and I had skinny Fettuccine Alfredo waiting for him! Seriously, I am no cook but this was delicious and about as healthy as Fettuccine Alfredo can get. This girl has amazing recipes and I grabbed the recipe from here! She even calculates the point values for Weight Watchers along with all of the other nutrition information :)

I even got to cross a part of one of the goals off of my 24 before 24 list, found here. This is my first new recipe I tried out! I paired it with a light Caesar salad kit and a glass of Moscato for a delicious meal! Even S liked it, and he gets a little nervous when I cook. Thank goodness he wasn't there when I burnt the garlic. Whoops! (Don't y'all love the Lilly wine glasses I gifted my roomie last summer? I adore that they are plastic and won't break with a drop!) I pared the sauce with some Smart Taste penne I had instead of going out and buying different noodles. It made no difference!

We hung out being bums for a while on Saturday since it was so rainy and then finally decided to head out to see 21 Jumpstreet with Nicole and Josh. So funny! It was a little nuts since all of the Hunger Games fans had a line out the door, but still a good time. We then went to the River Company for a nice date night and it was delicious! As per the usual, I ordered the $10 dollar hamburger and Stuart ordered the $28 crabcakes. The man can complain about my shopping all he wants, but I am a cheap date!

We ended up meeting some friends downtown after happy hour and had a great night. Ring Premiere and Dance were Saturday night so we even got a fireworks show for the walk home! (Excuse the scene in the picture, I picked the absolute worst place in Blacksburg to take the photo!)

Sunday was spent lounging until S had to go back to Cville for a group meeting. We intended on heading to church but I woke up with a nasty cough that I didn't want to share with anyone else, so we did our devotional talks and prayed. Seriously my favorite part of the whole weekend!

Finally back into the school grind, although this cough is giving me the perfect excuse to be lazy - but I can't let it! I spent much of yesterday catching up on Once Upon a Time... so good! Today I'm back in class and at work and preparing for some homework, this paper and a test Thursday. Trying to enjoy my last month as a college student, but anxious to start something new! I have an opportunity for a neat summer if things will all pan out (I will share when I hear back) so some prayers would be awesome!

Happy Tuesday Beauts!

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Claire said...

YOU are the beaut! What are the secret summer plans?! I want to know!!! I will also be trying that delish looking recipe!!! Xoxo