Happy Birthday Hev!

At midnight one of my best friends in the entire world will be 23! AHHH, we are getting so old. Anyways, I'm sitting in her living room counting down the minutes with her, and I thought I'd do a little birthday post dedicated to her :)

 This is Hev's eighteenth birthday- clearly black and white themed :) We went to dinner at a local restaurant and got all dolled up for it. She is the blonde to the left of me! This is right around the time Hev and I got close, and I am so thankful to have her as a friend. She is someone I can call no matter what the time, just for support!

 This was the summer after I graduated high school and Heather's mom had come to visit for a while. We literally filled up an entire Facebook album with goofy pictures like this one. We always have the best adventures together, whether we are just driving around Hampton and stopping at Chilis for chips and salsa, and a molten cake, or if we are heading out of town, like the next picture...
 This is at Hev's cousins wedding a few summers ago. We hopped in the car at the crack of dawn one morning... literally before dawn, and headed out west towards Knoxville. We helped out with the stuff for the wedding, and laughed our way down the road. She even put up with my multiple pee stops... y'all I am a bad roadtrip partner cause I ALWAYS have to pee! 
Clearly a picniked picture from either her nineteenth or twentieth birthday, where we started our tradition of me straightening her hair and counting down the minutes til midnight! We have lots of traditions and little things we do together, that we both think it's important to keep up! 
Another one of our adventures to New Jersey to visit her old roommate Kaitie! We had a great time driving through farm land and we even saw our news crew heading to Philadelphia to cover Michael Vick's signing with the Eagles. We hit NYC, tried on Tiffany's rings, and spent a day on the Jersey Shore... unfortunately no Snooki sightings! We always come home with stories and all kinds of inside jokes. I love that we have a great time no matter what we do :)
 This picture was taken this summer in my apartment. Hev came up with me to help me celebrate Coley's birthday. That night we took a ton of pictures, and again, had great stories to tell and retell to each other. 


I hope your birthday is everything you've dreamed of and more. You are such a sweet, loving kind person and I know you will be the best teacher of those little children :) I thank God for such a special friend that I can do so many fun things with, and still cry with when we are down. I pray everyday for you BFWT and for your happiness in life! I know God has great things planned for you :)

I love you BFWT!

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