I'm linking up with Miss Jamie again for some What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

* Being back in Bburg :) I loved being home with my fam for the week, but I am glad to finally be back "home" :)

* Veronica Mars! Yet again :) I am just now starting the third season with my roomie and we have spent many hours on the couch watching (she is even re-watching it!). It's so good!

* Cinnamon Burst Cheerios! They are delicious and I am currently eating a bowl now while watching VM and doing this. Sooooo good with almond milk!

* The weather for the rest of the weekend. It has been cold, rainy and nasty this week and tomorrow it should hit the 60's and by Friday, the 70's :) So excited!

* My glittle is getting initiated this week! Although initiation is long (two nights!) and we stood out in the cold for an hour earlier tonight for the first part, it is so worth it. I am so excited for her to be my "official" sister. Love my fam!

* As allllwaaayyysss, I am loving this sweet, sweet boy. He has really been a source of strength and a great shoulder to cry on. l am SO grateful for him, and through everything he has been the best; always there with two arms to hold me and a forehead kiss to soothe me. He has to be sent by God, because I don't know how I would have made it through two surgeries and four deaths close to me in the last year. Moon and back, boots!

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Your blog is so cute..love that picture in your header!