Top Two Tuesday :)

Head on over to Taylor's for her Top Two Tuesday :) This week is all about money! Which, clearly, as a poor college student I don't have nearly enough of! 

The top two things I have learned about money are:
1. Never buy anything not on sale :). Honestly, I never do. I head straight back to the clearance rack in clothing stores, and it has saved me a TON over the years. This past September, I walked into Ann Taylor Loft and bought a skirt and two dresses for eight dollars... TOTAL! I love both of the dresses and wear them all the time. I do try and buy food that is on sale, or that I have coupons for as well. I never want to pay more for anything than I have to :)

2. One of the best ways to stretch your money is to do it yourself! I love making homemade gifts or desserts or decorations. I find supplies and add a little paint or glitter to it, and there you go. Some of my favorite gifts have been ones that I have done homemade. I made my best friend a book of letters from all her family and friends for her 21st birthday. I shopped for scrapbooking stickers on sale, I printed the letters at home and I bought a scrapbook that was on sale because of the color. It was inexpensive, but special, and I am very proud of it :)

Tminus two days until SPRING BREAK! I have two classes, a midterm and four and a half hours of work left until I can enjoy a manicure with my roommate (courtesy of her lovely parents for my birthday), a quick night in Charlottesville, and home with my little for the weekend before her externship! I then have a bridesmaid dress fitting (AHHHHHHHH!!) and Hev's birthday on Friday. Come on Thursday at 1!


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