Bridal Luncheon

The day before the big day was one full of excitement and lots of good girl time! All of my bridesmaids except one were in town.

My aunts threw me the perfect low key bridal luncheon so I could shower my bridal party with some little goodies I threw together. I don't even think there were very many pictures taken - which means we were focused on each other! They catered Chipotle in (my fav) and we spent time chatting and eating. I also got to thank my bridesmaids with their gifts - which weren't even close to thanks enough for the way they have supported me!

I gave my girls monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer market totes, filled with a creme pashmina since I made them wear strapless dresses in November ;), a monogrammed button down for getting ready on Saturday, a tiny gold and pearl necklace to wear for the wedding, and an Alex and Ani bracelet with charms that represented their personalities! I gave my sister and maid of honor a monogrammed necklace to remind her we would always share the "F" letter no matter the monogram (I kept my maiden name as my middle name). I gave the Kate Spade bridesmaid bracelet to my matron of honor Nicole.

The totes looked like this one ( I didn't take pictures of anything - awful, I know!)

 A getting ready picture of my girls in their shirts! 

I also gave my mom her gift - a Pandora charm that shows five people in the family (now including Stuart) and this handkerchief. I know there were tears but I doubt she used this to wipe them. I included a line from a book I used to love to have her read me - I'll Love You Forever (that's my grandmother holding the handkerchief).

I gave my aunts, who were the hostesses and my Mistresses of Ceremony monogrammed pashminas and my favorite candle in the whole world!

After the luncheon - we all went back to my parents house and hung out and got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was a perfect low key day of celebrating and hanging out with my best girls!

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