Happiest Day Yet This Year!

I interrupt this blog hiatus with excitement for the start of football season! (Don't worry - posts to come on my monograms & mimosa's shower and our tailgate couple's shower).

UNC plays USC tonight in an ACC vs SEC battle - we will be cheering on the tar heels in our house! Stuart doesn't know it yet - but we are having pizza from our favorite local spot and beer for dinner tonight to kick off the weekend of celebrations! First the beginning of football season, some tailgating, watching UVA beat BYU (hopefully), and then the mecca - Tech vs Bama in Atlanta. CAN I GET A HOKIE HOKIE HOKIE HI, y'all? LETS GO HOKIES!

I am predicting an upset in Atlanta - because they are my team and because I can. And I know it would be the upset of the century. Blech - someone needs to beat ole Saban and his cronies. Not that I am unrealistic about the likely outcome Saturday night - but they are my team and I believe!!!!

And now some reminiscing photos from football past:

Happy football kickoff day, friends!

P.S. Any good tailgate food ideas for Saturday? I have a few floating around but some suggestions would be LOVELY!!!!


PostgradPrep said...

I am glad you are cheering on the Tar Heels tonight! Sounds like a perfect night to celebrate Fall & Football!

LB @ Table For One said...

I am pumped about the game tonight but we are cheering for different sides...gotta keep it in the SEC! I'm a Georgia Girl :)

This is the recipe I make for almost all the football games and they're a big hit - sausage muffins - hope you have some mini muffin pans! http://www.plainchicken.com/2010/11/sausage-cheese-muffins.html

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

Let's Go Hokies!!!!

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