Friday Randoms

I'm in a random kinda mood y'all, so that's what you get today! 

1. I'm a little ocd about lists, so that's why this will be in list form :)

2. I'm currently figuring my way around a kitchen. I have always, always loved to bake cause I am such a sweets person, but I'm trying to venture out of my spaghetti and tacos routine cause thats really all I make. Tonight I'm cooking chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice and Butterfinger cupcakes. None of which are healthy, ahhh!

3. The reason I am cooking heavy instead of cooking light like I should is because Stuart's best friend Corey is coming into town to stay with us and move stuff out of his old apartment.  I know I'm gonna have some hungry boys when he gets here... annnnddd maybe because I have been craving Mexican and chocolate ;)

4. The weather! My goodness! It thunderstormed this morning, was bright and sunny when I ran across the street to the grocery store, and then was pouring again by the time I went to take Wendy-girl out to potty. I am used to humid, but monsooning I am not! I know I should be grateful, lots of y'all need rain, and believe me I am. I am just surprised at the turn Blacksburg weather has taken. This was supposed to be my summer of beautiful weather and no sweating!!

5. Numbers. Y'all, I am obsessed. I don't even like math! But I do love a good crime show, except Law and Order ( I just can't get into it, and SVU makes me cry), so that's probably why it has pulled me in.

6. This time next week I will definitely be in the ATL visiting one of my best friends in the entire world, Heidi. Heids is doing Teach for America, and I am so, so, so beyond proud of her. I am still working out details on how I'm getting there (cough ROOMS cough) but I will be there some way some how to help her celebrate. Plus, I love Atlanta!

7. I fail at laundry. No, but seriously. I wasn't good at it when I was just washing my own clothes. Now that I have added some of Stuart's to the mix (the house he is staying at has old machines and I don't trust them... told y'all I was ocd!), I am behind all the time! 

8. I heart spray tans. I am so against wrinkles and cancer, and even though I love to feel the sun on my skin and that lovely glow, I have fallen for the ten dollar spray tans five minutes from my house. Cheap and cancer free!

Have a good weekend y'all and sorry for the lack of pictures!



Amanda said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Heidi said...

Yum...the cupcakes sound so good!

The Lovely One said...

Chicken enchiladas sound fantastic!

I've never gotten a spray tan, but I love that they're so quick and easy. I love instant results!