4th Recap and Strange Textures

First of all, my computer at work lets me comment on blogs that I can't comment on at home, so I spent the majority of my lunch break catching up on commenting! Woo :)

Secondly, we had a pretty uneventful fourth around here. I made the recipe I got from Shannon's blog for some relatively good for you cupcakes and they were pretty good! Next time I probably will just use some pineapple juice instead of the crushed pineapple because the texture of the creamy whipped topping with the pieces of pineapple made me gag. Don't get me wrong, the taste was absolutely delicious but the texture killed me!

Speaking of, here is a list of things I cannot eat because the texture (not the taste) makes me gag!

Soup! The watery with the chunks totally grosses me out!

Macaroni and cheese. The only kind I ever liked was as a kid and it was made by my grandparents' housekeeper, Mildred. I have no idea why I liked it or what made it different haha.

Mashed potatoes. Don't get me started. I love french fries and chips, but y'all I can't even handle a big steak fry if it's too potato-y. I know, ridiculous, but I've tried!

Annnyyyything with gravy. I know, I'm the worst southern girl there ever was, but I just cannot handle gravy. I wish I could!

Cooked veggies. Don't get me wrong, I am a veggie girl! I love a good salad, and I have been known to eat a green pepper like people eat apples and a cucumber like people eat bananas. I just love raw veggies. But when they get mushy after cooking, I cannot handle it. Occasionally I'll throw some fresh green beans in a pan with some tarragon, but that is just to warm them up! The one cooked vegetable I eat is corn on the cob. Mmmmm good!

Yogurt (with fruit chunks). I love me some yogurt. I love the flavor and I am most absolutely a froyo kinda girl. But I cannot do anything that has huge chunks of fruit in it. I wish I could, I love the taste, but I cannot make myself swallow it!

I know, I know. I have been told for years to grow up and I have tried, believe me! But if you serve a soup appetizer with a macaroni and cheese, mashed potato, turkey with gravy meal with cooked veggies on the side and a yogurt dessert, don't invite me!

When I say our fourth was uneventful (beyond my cupcake baking) I mean it! My little came over and we hung out for a few hours and cooked out through the rainstorm and then she left around eight. We planned on heading to the fireworks around nine or so but little miss pup wasn't having it! We ended up sitting in bed holding her ears throughout the whole thing, and then I passed out. We are obviously p-a-r-t-y animals!

Have a great Tuesday y'all (I almost wrote Monday... hurray for short work weeks!)


Emily said...

My mom won't eat anything too potato-ey either. I understand what you mean!!

Amanda said...

I hate the taste of yogurt too! The texture always makes me want to gag!

Hope you had a great Tuesday!! Its funny-I felt like it was Monday all day today too!

Heidi said...

Dropping by from Jenna's challenge. Texture is huge for me with any food. Seafood is so hard for me to eat, for that reason. Cute blog!!

Linds said...

stopping by from Jenna's Journey. I laughed at your list-- hard to believe you're from the south since you pretty much listed every staple at a Southern Diner :) haha!

Jennifer said...

Haha! This made me laugh because I am the same way about textures!!

Mere said...

I am here from Jenna's! I completely understand the texture thing. The thought of eating anything with fruit chunks in it is just too much! I can't even drink orange juice with pulp in in! Ha! Cute blog!

Our Baby "D" said...

Coming by from Jenna's! I love your header...we're vacationing there right now! :)

~she~ said...

You just named some of my favorite foods!

I have trouble commenting on some blogs too and it's driving me crazy! I can't even comment on my own blog, which I just don't understand. I end up clicking "Name" on the drop down menu and I can comment that way. But not all blogs have those. Stop by and comment (if you CAN!).