Misc. Monday WITH Pictures!

I'm currently at work and taking my lunch break so I thought I'd do a little Misc. Monday post that is hosted over at  Lowercase Letters :)

1. I finally have some pictures from the last month and a half of my life!

  From top: Bachelorette party shenanigans, in the BEACH at Atlantis in the Bahamas where we stayed, walking around the Marina Village getting Ben and Jerry's like we did every night in the Bahamas, Stuart and I before the Zac Brown/Kenny Chesney concert in DC and two of my favorite pictures from Kelley and Cory's wedding!

2. I am currently looking at flights/travel plans to visit one of my best friends, Heidi, who just moved to Atlanta as a part of Teach for America and I am SO SO SO SO excited! Her birthday is the 15th of July so I am heading that way :)

3. I cannot wait for this week to be over!! I have a project due at midnight tonight and THREE finals on Friday! Then I fully plan on celebrating my 4th of July weekend :)

4. Speaking of that, I will finally be in Blacksburg for a weekend since I decided to stay up here to work this summer. We have been traveling every weekend since graduation and I am excited to stay in and sleep in my own bed!

5. However, I had a GREAT weekend at the beach with my roommate who I love dearly! Her birthday is tomorrow and I headed down for a little birthday celebration. We laid out, talked, and her momma did some delicious cooking. We even headed to the Virginia Ole Opry which was an experience, let me tell you. All in all, a great weekend and I was so happy to spend some time with her!

 Have a great funday monday! :)

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