So What Wednesday

This week I thought I'd try something a little different and link up with Shannon's So What Wednesday!

1. SO WHAT... if I have eaten nothing but chocolate this morning. It was a protein bar, a piece of dark chocolate and a dark chocolate and oats Nature Valley bar, but still!

2. SO WHAT... if I have to have the tv on to fall asleep at night. It makes me feel safe for some odd reason.

3. SO WHAT... if I searched my friends wedding pictures that were just posted to see just the pictures of me, and then went back and looked at all of them. A girl's gotta find a good profile picture!

4. SO WHAT... if I really enjoyed the bosses being out of the office at the beginning of this week and watched some online tv while I was addressing 500 Dean's List letters. I was working!

5. SO WHAT...if I drink Benefiber at 22 years old. It works and it's filling... woo less calories!

6. SO WHAT...if I used the excuse as having a bad day to eat movie theater popcorn for dinner. It was delicious and worth it!

7. SO WHAT... if I spent half of the movie I watched last night with my head in S's shoulder. And not because it was scary... because I cannot stand to watch people embarrass themselves, even if its a movie!

8. SO WHAT... if I'd rather be with the kids across the hall in studio right now working on a craft project. I love crafting so much more than filing.

Have a great Wednesday y'all!


Chea said...

I love this post! I'm so doing this. I like your little sass along with it!

Brittany said...

Visiting from Jenna's Journey! I love your So What Post! Very cute idea! I am going to try this some time! I cracked up!


Madison's Mommy said...

Visiting from Jennm's Comment Challenge and love your blog!! I have a SO What....So what if I ate 4th of July cupcakes for breakfast today!! haha! Such a cute blog idea!

Oh, love the Salty Dog tee's in your pic...we have a timeshare on Hilton Head and Love it there!

Tracy said...

My husband used to work midnights, and I couldn't sleep without the TV either!

kim_brough said...

From Jenna's Journey. In regards to #6... Popcorn is my favorite food. If I could eat it all day everyday, I TOTALLY would!

Laurin said...

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey... and I'm loving your "So What" list!