So I'm a Leeeettttle Behind

I think about blogging all the time, and I am definitely reading y'alls but I am having the hardest time actually sitting down and writing.

Could be because this new thing... cough Pinterest cough is taking up all my spare moments. Did you know you can even pin video files now... oh yes, yes, yes. I spent a majority of tonight working on my wedding board, cause you know, there is a diamond ring on the way...NOT!

I did have a fantastic run tonight (I always say that AFTER the run, never during haha) and I feel like I have made some progress in running since I started, which is always awesome. Three miles in right at 30:00, which I know is no big deal to most of you, but to this girl, I was pretty proud of myself. I have never run that long or that fast paced for that long. So I was pleased.

I was not pleased that the Loft closed at 7 tonight and I happened to show up at 7:10. That was the downer of my evening. Yes, I am in college and yes it is the first Friday night after classes begun. And yes, I am watching Juno on Bravo and talking to my boyfriend online and pinning things. All of this is due to a lovely 8 hour driving school session I will be attending tomorrow starting at 8am. Blech.

I am also debating purchasing these beauts because they are on sale for $96.99! Yes, that is steep for this college girl's budget fo sho, but they are so pretty and I want them. I probably won't get them because I will be dropping a load of dough to take this driving class and in court costs on Wednesday. Stupid stop sign! But for those of you traffic law abiding citizens, here they are in all their glory:

Did y'all know my bff Jack also makes a leopard version of his classic shoes? I need these fo sheez. (And they also come in zebra, which is always one of my favs!)

Let's just say I am a litttllleee animal print obsessed. I tend to be a white tee and jeans kinda gal, so I love to spice that up with a beautiful colored pashmina and some fun shoes. Or boots. I am definitely a boot girl. Bring on that fall weather!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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Lindsey Leigh said...

girlfriend I am sooo obsessed with leopard. It's so fun... :) where did you find the tb flats on sale? that is an excellent price. oh and ps. I want those jacks BAD!