Dry Shampoo, Being Lazy and Fun Weekend :)

First of all, I heart dry shampoo. I have been trying to take better care of my hair, and by washing it less and letting it air dry more, I'm hoping to have a thick head of hair for a long time :) That being said, come on dry shampoo people... help out the brunettes! I hate HATE hate that you can still see some dry shampoo residue in my dark hair after I use it. It drives me insane. If anyone knows about special brunette dark shampoo, let a girl know!

That being said, my favorite brand is the Suave dry shampoo I got at Targ for a mere three dollars or so. I used to get mine at a beauty supply store that costs more, but if you are under five bucks and can be found at Targ, you win hands down!

I also had a great weekend if you don't count the eight hours I spent in driving school yesterday... blech! After getting up before 7 on a SATURDAY, I grabbed some caffeine and made my way into the classroom. People had some interesting stories for sure. After I finished driving school, my friend Jim got into town :). We grabbed a quick dinner at BDubs out on the patio... while mama and daddy were facing the hurricane head on at home, the outskirts made Bburg the perfect temperature with a great breeze (they made it through the hurricane with little damage and power, PTL!).

 Rooms and I taking our traditional picture in front of the cross :)

Corey and I!

We then got ready, met up with my friends Corey and Emma and headed DT for a bit... a long bit haha. We got to TOTS (one of my favorite bars) early enough to score a table on the patio. Before long we had about ten people sitting with us and we were all just enjoying the breeze and the atmosphere (and several Coors Lights, fo sho). We headed down the street to Hokie House where I had a wonderful time singing at the top of my lungs with all of DT Bburg, love it!

I have a ton more pictures but Blogger is taking forever to load, so I will have to share them at a later date. I'm about to head out to babysit for my sorority advisor (I am an old alum so I don't have to go to chapter anymore!)

Have a great Sunday y'all!

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