Last night, much due to my whining and distress, Stuart made the 2 hour trip to Blacksburg. He wasn't even in the burg for twelve hours, but my sweet boyfriend knew I needed a hug and to be able to sleep soundly. I've been having some anxiety for a while now, and he is the only person that is able to relieve the stress from my mind long enough for me to sleep. After a full eight hours- I feel like a real person again!

He even brought flowers. Now, before you go and vomit from all the sweetness, this happens only on rare occasion. I am just lucky to have someone that knows the difference from when I really need him and when I'm just being whiny (not that I whine y'all).

Anyways, I now feel like I need to go EVEN BIGGER for his birthday. Talk about some grandiose motivation- he turns the big deuce-deuce on Friday. I'd love to share his birthday present, but he reads this so I don't even want to give the littleist hint!

You know how I know I love the boy? I am skipping the Virginia Tech home game in over five years to be there with him to celebrate his big day. (Don't think I'm so self sacrificing though- I will be watching it in a bar fo shoooo!).

Isn't he adorable? This is him making fun of me for always sporting the skinny arm. Hey, a girl looks better without her arm flab stuck to her side!

Mushyness officially over.

Moving on, today is the first day of real 1/2 marathon training!  I have been running on and off for a month or so and I am in much better shape to start the official 12 week program I have. It is hard to believe that we are only four months away, I better get my booty moving!

Mondays and Wednesdays are hard days for me, as I'm in class or working from 11am-7pm. This morning I had the best intentions of getting up and getting my three miles over and done with buttttt with the lack of sleep I've had lately, I let myself sleep in. Poor choice, probably, but I will definitely get my run in tonight when I get home. I just need to motivate myself with those sweet little boys faces... what I usually do to make it through a tough run anyways.

Have a great Monday y'al!

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