Things I Learned About Running

1. Hydrate before you run (duhhhhhh)
2. If you don't hydrate (aka get up out of bed, throw on shoes and go running) you will probably vomit if you push yourself towards the end of the run.
3. If there is an elderly lady walking when you start to get sick, she will freak out and lecture you. You will not be able to defend yourself because you are tossing your cookies (or in my case, tossing nothing cause my stomach was emmmpttyyy).

Moral of the story. Drink some water and eat a little something before you run! Usually I run at night, after a snack and drinking water all day. However, I knew I was going to be driving five hours home today and I didn't want to put off the run until tonight. I slept through my alarm so I was running late, hence me running out the door without thinking. I learned my lesson!

In other news, it's good to be home :). Even if I do hate my bed at my parents house. I got some homework done, went to dinner at one of our favorite little dives, got waited on by a girl I went to middle school with and haven't seen in years, and snuggled in bed with mama watching Say Yes to the Dress. A perfect evening at home... minus the homework.

Tomorrow I will be getting up early, drinking some H2O and heading out for an early(ish) morning run with my bff Heather. See below :) (at the rehearsal dinner for a friend of ours who got married in June!)
We are heading to Canada next weekend for several days and I will be needing to continue my training, so Hev is going to run with me tomorrow to see if she can keep up ;). I'm sure she can, all I have on her is longer legs!

After our run, one of my best guy friends from Tech is coming down since he is currently in Richmond and he will be spending the day (& night) with us. A little boat time (finally!), some dinner on the grill and downtown for block party. Perfect day in the 757.


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Kristin B said...

The toughest part is trying to keep up with your training while you are traveling/in vacation mode! Sounds like you are doing great (tough lessons learned & all haha)!