Apples to Apples

Weeellll I went to the Apple store today and it did not exactly go as planned. I ended up getting a new phone, but I had to pay 200 bucks for it... LAME! I did get an extended warranty because lets be real, I am far too clumsy and I know if I hadn't have gotten it I would have ended up dropping it again. I was hoping for a free replacement, but unfortunately they were doing those too often so they took away that privilege, which did not make me happy!

My computer has also just been shutting off on its own. It's a macbook pro from 2008 and I ADORE it. Needless to say I may be making my way back to the Apple store this week. While I looovveeee Apple products, I am over mine this week. Fortunately my new phone seems to be working well and I am restoring it currently.

I need a new case and while I love the one I have from Marley Lilly, it doesn't protect it the way that I need it to. My mom has an otterbox, and while those work great they are super bulky. Anyone have any suggestions? I love that I have an Amazon Prime account so I can order one tonight and have it here by Thursday!

Here are a few I'm looking at (I like the idea of a bright color so it's easy to find):

Despite the fact that I am not in class I have lots of plans for this week that I am excited about!  Tonight Stuart and I are having dinner with some friends we haven't seen in a while... it will be my third time eating Mexican in two days! No, Claire, I didn't get Moe's so maybe we can get some together this week? ;) I need to get my secret santa package out now that I found the last little bit for and I will be meeting up with Claire this week hopefully! It will be my first bloggy meet up and I am too excited to finally meet my friend "in person!"

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!!


Arielle said...

I have the thinner less bulky outer box & i love it!

Cori H. said...

That sucks you had to pay for your phone, but I'm sure it's great having a new phone now! Have fun meeting your friend! :)

Claire said...

YAYAYAYAAY! Go us for planning this meet-up. And you KNOW the first thing in my head was "oh Moe's!?" I had it yesterday teehee! Soooooo excited to be friends IRL!!!!