Y'all, I cannot contain my excitement for the things coming up!

  • First off, I am finallllyyy meeting Claire for the first time IRL and I am so pumped! We have been emailing back and forth for months now and we are fortunate enough to be in the same area code at the same time this weekend :)
  • Most of my wrapping is done and everything has arrived!!! I spent the majority of the afternoon wrapping and I still have a few things and a little craft project left to do that I will get finished up tonight.
  • A SECRET I have been keeping for what feels like FOREVER will finally be revealed tomorrow!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO not good at secret keeping but I have kept my lips zipped on this one and I seriously cannot contain myself. Y'all don't worry, after the big reveal I will tell you alllll about it ;)
  • Heidi and I are heading up Rva to have lunch with my roomie and then celebrate one of our good friend's birthday on Friday night and it should be a good time :) I have missed Coley dearly and I cannot wait to reunite for a bit!!
  • Duhhhhh Santa is coming on Saturday night and this is my most anticipated time of them all! From celebrating Christ's birth twice (both Sat night and Sunday morning), to spending lots of family time together, traditions, time with S's family and all the yummy food... what more could I ask for?!?
I will try my best to whip out a few blog posts through Christmas and I am working up on catching up on y'alls :)

Happy happy Wednesday!!!


Katie said...

Now I wanna know the secret!!!

Michelle P said...

I'm excited for the secret!

Sarah said...

I love secrets!! Have fun meeting Claire! I LOVE following her blog!

Love and Lilly said...

Secret Santa!!! I love all of these things! And I also LOVE all the goodies in the package you sent me :) I cannot believe that Ashley paired us up, it's so crazy that we are both Greek HOKIES!!! Everything is beautiful, thank you so much for the thoughtful presents!!!