Sunday Funday?

Happy Sunday y'all... can you believe at this time next week Christmas will almost be over? This girl has looottsss of wrapping to do!!!

Hope y'all have had a great week, mine has been pleeennnttyy busy between Christmas shopping, seeing old friends and celebrating one of my bff's college graduation yesterday. I'm hoping she will post some pictures so I can steal a few and show you, hehe. Here is one of her graduation pictures taken a few weeks ago (sorry Hev/Em... they are so good I had to share!)

Also, sitting around a bonfire last night my iphone fell out of my pocket and hit the concrete and cracked the screen... I've read online sometimes they will do a one time courtesy replacement. Anybody know anything about that?!?! Lets just say I almost cried for my baby when I discovered the crack... fortunately it still works!

My cousin Griffin got baptized this morning so Stuart, Nat and I headed up to Seaford to support him in lieu of my parents who were teaching Sunday school at their own church and couldn't be there. So proud of him for making the decision to follow Christ! We also found out that their pastor lost his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend in a car accident last night, and this same family lost their home in a fire only nine days ago. Any prayers for them would be welcome I am sure!

I am currently writing thank you notes for Team Kick (I'll upload a picture soon of the card we chose!) and watching Christmas movies with the fam... it is so nice to be home :)

Have a great week and remember the "Reason for the Season" as you fight crowds and traffic this week... I know I have to keep reminding myself!!!


Charlotte said...

Goodness! You had quite a busy weekend!! So close to Christmas! yay!

Cori H. said...

Can't believe we only have 1 week until Christmas! I need to get my wrapping finished! Oh no! That's terrible about the pastor's family. I'm praying for them!

Sarah said...

Ahh, the Reason for the Season...amen to that! Soooo sorry about your iPhone screen! I know Apple is pretty good about doing first time replacements on things...they did for a piece on my laptop that cracked!

Claire said...

SEAFORD?! As in the adorable beach-like neighborhood within driving distance from Yorktown? OH MY WORD- if I'm thinking of the right place then Mr C and I take drives there like ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME. I love it there!!!! We are life twinsies! I'm sorry about your iphone :( I would've cried too!

Katie said...

I just discovered your blog and just wanted to say I love it! Newest follower right here :)