Trifflin Tuesday

Okay, so not really but it's the alliteration that counts, right?

I really should be studying for my two tests tomorrow but its only 1:25 and Sugar and Spice is about to come on (anyone else remember that movie?) so I will probably tune in for a bit. I loved this movie and its ridiculousness back in the day!

I've also been wasting time on the internet reading about people bashing my team and it makes me SO angry. Yes, the chance of an at-large bid after a 2 loss season is crazy, but that is just the way the chips fell. A big reason for the Sugar Bowl invitation was our fan base. Yes, we are crazy and we LOVE our boys. We pay the money and travel well. And I'm sorry Kirk Herbstreet, you ass, if you think the BCS is about football completely and doesn't care about the money, you are in the wrong business buddy. I'm not saying it's right, but maybe you should reevaluate the bowl system instead of ripping teams piece by piece. We didn't petition for this bid, but we were fortunate enough to get it. I am excited and proud of my team and I know we will represent well in Nawlins. GO HOKIES!

"Yes, the Hokies are 11-2 and ranked in the top 15, but this bowl invitation is just as much about Tech’s rabid fan base, its 87 straight home sellouts and its iconic coach than anything else.
This is about “Enter Sandman.” And the lunch pail. And the Hokie Nation’s passion for its team.
This is for those fans who sat in a hurricane during the Texas A&M game, and who roared on those cold Thursday nights when gloves muffled their applause."

However, I won't be going to the bowl... that is expennnsiiiveee on this college girl's budget. I will be traveling down to the ATL to watch UVA in the Chickfila bowl since I have a free place to say :)

Have a great Tuesday!

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Michelle P said...

Haha I love that movie!