So What Wednesday!

I love linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesdays! Gives me that perfect opportunity to excuse what I may have done lately :)


SO WHAT if I... 
  • have put off a bunch of studying I need to get done in favor of watching Christmas movies... I will get it all done eventually but with the rain that keeps pouring, cozy nights in my yoga pants on the couch watching movies wins every time!
  • miss running now that my foot is sprained and my good shoes are in Charlottesville... I never missed it when I actually could!
  • over use exclamation points. Like every time thus far in this post!
  • pretend my chocolate peppermint Luna bars are Christmas candy bars. Thus I wake up every morning eating Christmas cheer!
  • miss being at home where my advent calendar is... Reese's > Luna bars every time!
  • am a bit of a president nerd. And no, I am not talking about our current president. I'm talking about the awesome gift my sister gave me for my birthday... the book just released by Caroline Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy. She even got me the special pack that has all the interviews on CD. Such a nerd!
  • bought chocolate chips to cook with but I have been eating a handful after dinner every night... they are just so yummy and convenient!
  • blog at night mostly. That is when I find the most time. I'm doing pretty well today considering it is noon!
Happy Wednesday and good luck to everyone that is working on finals. Make sure you take frequent Starbuck's trips and lots of naps to survive!

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