A Few Christmas Favorites :)

Y'all I thought I'd share some of my favorite gifts I got this year :)

Momma and Daddy favorites:
  • An IOU for two matching dipoma frames come May :)

  •  Leopard flats that I have been dying for! They actually ordered me a pair that is too big so I got to go shopping and I got a great deal on a pair from Talbots yesterday... and I am never a Talbots shopper! I will post a picture when they arrive :)
  • Monogrammed Tervis Tumbler

  •  A beautiful red JJill down vest that I am in LOVE with. Mine is the one in red. Love that asymmetrical buttoning.

  • New gold earrings I had been Jonesing for.
  • St. Jude Ornament from the race with the sweetest message ever
  • Wall hanging with Jeremiah 29:11 on it :) Via Etsy!

  • Various other things I wanted/needed but am too lazy to go downstairs and remind myself of :)
Stuart also outdid himself this year and got me some things I ADORE:
  • Monogrammed Marley Lilly gold necklace
  •  New everyday tortoise shell watch with a gold rim :) I needed something lighter than my Michael Kors I was wearing everyday!
  • And we FINALLY went shopping yesterday for the remainder of my birthday present from earlier this month... COWBOY BOOTS! I walked in the store and immediately picked up this pair, and the man told me that there might be a problem because they only had a few left... come to find out they only had one pair left and they fit me PERFECTLY! We were in and out within fifteen minutes :) I adore them! They are a light camel and taller than normal cowboy boots which is perfect for me because my legs are so long! AHHHHH!!!

I also got several other things I am in love with including an Amazon gift card from my sister, Hokies devotional from Heidi, earring holder and E.E. Cummings poem on a canvas from Heather, a LOFT poncho from my grandmother, a NY&CO poncho and some candles from my living room from my aunt, and various other things. I was a lucky, lucky, lucky girl this Christmas!!

My favorite Christmas present however, wasn't for me at all.... I have been keeping the secret that my roommate would be getting ENGAGED three days before Christmas since OCTOBER. Y'all, it was killing me! Here she is with the beautiful ring!!!!

He proposed in such a sweet way and I might have to get her to guest post about it ;). I needed to wait to reveal the secret until after all her family knew!

My bff's dad and his girlfriend, also got engaged this past weekend and I am so thrilled for both couples!!!

I hope Santa was good to y'all!!


Michelle P said...

You got great stuff! And congrats to your friend.

Claire said...

Jonesing eh? hahaha! Fun fun fun about Talbots! And jeal of your tumbler.. aaaand I have seen that JJill vest myself and I am in love with the giant collar! Good call! Love all your pressies but I miss you hahaha!

Sarah said...

You got some great gifts! LOVE the tervis! Congrats to your friend!! :)

Cori H. said...

Sounds like Santa was very good to you this year! :) I love the monogrammed tumbler. I love the wall hanging too. It's my favorite verse! Congrats to your BFF. I bet it was killing you having to keep that secret!