Thoughtless Thursday, Break Edition

Thanks to lovely Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane, I am linking up to Thoughtless Thursday! :)

In a mere 4 hours, I will be on the road to Charlottesville for the night (after dropping a friend off at the airport in Roanoke) and then back on the road Friday to the 757 :) (Does anyone else call their area by the area code? Rappers and athletes started it in our area, and we haven't looked back since!) I am so excited to see Stuart tonight, and Hev* tomorrow! My dad thinks that there is something seriously wrong with me, since I am missing a game my beloved Hokies are playing on Saturday. However, we are playing Central Michigan, and with four games in a row, I think I will be okay.

Tonight Stuart and I are going to see "our" singer, Corey Smith. If you get a chance, click on the link of his name and listen to some of his music. It's a little bit country, a little bit acoustic, and a little bit rowdy. Just a warning, some of them are inappropriate for kids! I'm mainly thinking of two, and most of his other songs are okay. Let me just say, he is definitely catered to a college crowd. Although, his song "First Dance", is one of my favorites and a song I might just have as the first dance at my wedding. I recommend that one :). He also has a song called, "The Lord Works in a Strange Way," that I listen to often. I've actually seen Corey six times in concert! My sisters and I drove to Longwood for a free concert my sophomore year of college, and actually got to meet him! Below is a picture of him with us, throwing a DELTA!

Stuart and I also went to see him for our first date, although we didn't know it would be our first date at the time :). We went with Heidi (the one in the bottom of the picture) and her boyfriend Paul, to dinner and over to Norfolk to see Corey. We had a great time, and the rest is history ;). Here is a picture from our first date!

I am also excited to see Hev this weekend, and spend some time with my Aunt as well. She is the mother of two boys, and they are going out of town for boy scout camp, with her boy scout leader husband! We are hoping to at least get dinner. Hev and I are also planning to go to Busch Gardens this weekend, for Hallowscream, one of my favorite things to do in the fall! 

In addition, tomorrow Macy, one of my sisters, and I are heading to Carter's Mountain with her niece to pick apples. Ahhhhh, I LOVE FALL!

Have a great weekend! :)

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Caroline said...

I've always wanted to pick apples. So fun!